Blog posts – June 2009 – May 2012 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry Long time no blog Jun 10, ’09 5:20 PM
for everyone
I haven’t been around much recently here on Multiply, mainly because my internet connection is so C@~p I can’t get on to it most days, let alone actually see or upload any photos!!!  Anyway, today is a good connection day, and I also finished a quickie project I have been working on (just to get my finished tally up a little )

It’s Butterfly Garden by Dinky Dyes.  I stitched it on some Polstitches fabric I’ve had in my cupboard for ages – Marbled Lilac – with the Dinky Dyes Silk that came with it (my first time using these silks).  I’ve actually made it into a runner for my dressing table, just to pretty up my bedroom a little.

Apart from that I’ve been plodding along working on my mother-in-law’s present – Valley of the River Beck.  I’m over half way done, but it is slow going.  I decided not to take it with me when I go to England for my holidays – I’d rather have something I enjoy stitching on, so I finally settled on Cotillion by Papillon Creations.  I kitted it up with silk when Vicki Clayton was having her sale, and I’m going to stitch it on the same red fabric I used on Anatolia.

Tomorrow my husband is taking me and the kids to his uncle’s place on the beach – about 4 hour drive outside of Algiers to the east – bit of family bonding before I take the kids off for 10 weeks to the UK.  Just hope it isn’t going to be as hot as forecast!!!


rifestitch wrote on Jun 10, ’09
Glad to see you!! Garden is cute – I love all of her charts, though haven’t managed to stash any (I don’t think). Can’t wait to see Cotillion on that red – I have a piece of the fabric the model is on, thanks to a great RAK, so I need to get the chart soon, when I whittle the samplers down a bit 🙂

heypaula wrote on Jun 10, ’09
This is a lovely finish – congrats! Can’t wait to see your Cotillion, and it should be a great project for while you’re on holiday!

mandala8 wrote on Jun 10, ’09
Butterflies came out very sweet. As said, Cotillion is going to look super on the red. I love all of her designs! Have a super holiday.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 12, ’09
Butterflies looks great on that fabric! Great choice!

vineedle wrote on Jun 13, ’09
Butterfly Garden is looking very pretty. Looking forward to see finished Cotillion. Have a great holiday!


Blog Entry Anybody still here????? Mar 5, ’12 11:19 AM
for everyone
It’s been so long since I’ve been here, just wondering if anyone else is still around?

I finally finished a present for my mother-in-law, that I’ve been working on for years – Valley of the River Beck (a Dimensions kit).  And have started work on Scheherazade by Papillon Creations.
I’ve recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis, so am finding stitching a little more difficult nowadays, but really want to try to keep using my hands so will try to get off the computer more and back to the stitching 🙂
Blog Entry Presents Apr 22, ’12 5:20 PM
for everyone
I finally nagged – I mean persuaded – my husband to get a frame for my mother-in-law’s present, and he picked it up today.  Just gave it to her and she was delighted.  Now to get him to find the drill and put it up on the wall for her 😉  I was just looking back at the WIP photos, and I started this in 2008!!!

My daughter asked me to make something for her best friend at school, so I dug out this small towel that I’ve had in a drawer for ages and stitched her name on it.  So in the good books with my daughter too 🙂
Apart from that I am still working on Scheherezade, no picture today though.

elvirasmom wrote on Apr 22
The frame is perfect for the picture. Great job.
The towel is cute too.

ebberlykay wrote on Apr 23
Lovely picture and the towel looks good too

landislb wrote on May 4
Nice finishes! The framing looks great. What a nice thing to stitch for your daughter’s friend, too!

nancysxstitch wrote on May 7
Oh finishes are so nice, aren’t they? Great job on the piece for your MIL, I’m sure she will love it. And your daughter’s friend will really like the towel. Looking good!


Blog Entry A purple project for me May 22, ’12 2:49 PM
for everyone
After finishing Scheherazade, which ended up as another gift, I’ve decided to do something for myself next.  So I pulled out Cirque des Triangles, by Ink Circles.  I’m going to stitch it on 32ct linen in Dove Grey, with Carrie’s Creation thread in Deep Purple.  Can’t wait to get started.

Also  wanted to share a finish from last year, which I didn’t put up.  It was meant to be a wedding gift for a friend’s daughter, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so am trying to decide whether to keep it for myself or give it to my friend.
And finally a bit better picture of scheherazade

Blog posts – October-December 2008 – copied from Multiply…

Blog Entry Finally, an update Oct 26, ’08 11:11 AM
for everyone


It has been SO long since I last updated this blog – but now that Ramadan is over, and the kids are finally back at school, I may be able to get a bit more time for myself.

So I finally managed to take some pictures of the 3 projects I am currently working on.  First up is Tribute II, which I now have 2/3rds done.  I really love the colours of this floss, specially as it is now autumn so seems more appropriate, and I am hoping that this will be a finish this year.





Secondly, Anatolia.  This seems harder going, don’t know why, but again I love the thread colours on this, and I will be working on it more this week.



Lastly is the picture I am doing for my mother-in-law.  It is a kit (aarrggghhhhhhh) from Dimensions, called Valley of the River Beck.  I really didn’t enjoy all that green top left, and close up it doesn’t seem to flow very well – but from a distance I think it will be OK.

Anyway, pictures are in my WIPs album if you can’t see them here.



ndmurdock wrote on Oct 27, ’08
All are very pretty! And you have gotten quite a bit done. I hate kits now too! It does look fine on this end!

rifestitch wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Great progress on all!!! Tribute is definitely amazing in that floss,and Anatolia just blows me away on that red fabric – mine has been whimpering “Start me, please!”, though I restacked stuff the other day, so it’s a bit more muffled now 🙂

heypaula wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Wow – all of these are beautiful!! I love the color combinations in Tribute and Anatolia. And the Valley of the River Beck looks fine from here! (But I know how they can look odd when you’re up close and working on pieces like that!)

bronxchick55 wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Tribute II is gorgeous and I love the fabric choice for Anatolia.

mandala8 wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Tribute and River Beck are coming along beautifully, but I must say your version of Anatolia has just made my morning!

clearstar wrote on Oct 28, ’08
Anatolia looks wonderful. It’s my favourite of those three projects…super work.

gothtigger wrote on Oct 28, ’08
Somayya, I love the thread colour you are using in Tribute!

And Anatolia is simply gorgeous – I would never have the courage to select such fabric, but it looks sooo beautiful!

somayya1 wrote on Oct 29, ’08
Thanks everyone. Your comments keep me going, specially when I am unsure of a colour choice. I have no-one around me that has any real interest in my work, so it’s nice to have positive feedback from all you experts.

swisswitch wrote on Oct 29, ’08
Ooooh, they’re all lovely!

Colleen stitched Valley of the River Beck years ago, and I remember it looked gorgous! It will be really worth the pain that’s stitching a Dimensions kit 🙂

Tribute II is gorgeous!


Blog Entry Happy dance Dec 16, ’08 7:40 PM
for everyone
Tribute II is finished – YAY!!!! I just put in the last stitch. I so wanted to get another finish in this year, so I’ve been working on this the exclusively the last couple of weeks. Pictures if, and when we finally get some sunshine.
rifestitch wrote on Dec 16, ’08
Can’t wait to see it – I bet it is just stunning!!!

clearstar wrote on Dec 16, ’08
Congrats on the finish!

heypaula wrote on Dec 17, ’08
Congrats! I can’t wait to see pictures!


Blog Entry Tribute II Dec 19, ’08 11:06 AM
for everyone

I’ve managed to get some pictures of my last finish of the year.  It may take some time to get it framed, but it’s just nice to get a big project finished this year.  I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get more done – must remember to choose some smaller projects next time!!!

Anyway, pics are here if you can’t see them on this blog :


rifestitch wrote on Dec 19, ’08
Wow. That came out so wonderfully 🙂 I still think that thread was THE perfect choice for this – the variations are so perfect, and you can see each element of the design, almost as though it was done with a different thread. Great, great job!!

mandala8 wrote on Dec 19, ’08
Just beautiful!

z3mom wrote on Dec 19, ’08
This is beautiful Somayya!

squeakandme wrote on Dec 19, ’08
It turned out beautifully!

twana wrote on Dec 20, ’08
Hate to repeat what everybody else has said but beautiful is the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.

gothtigger wrote on Dec 20, ’08
This is a design that never really called to me – but your version is gorgeous – I love the colour you used!

somayya1 wrote on Dec 20, ’08
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

Blog posts – June-August 2008 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry A new start Jun 9, ’08 3:36 PM
for everyone

I decided to start another project (to cheer myself up – been having a lot of health problems again recently), so I pulled out Anatolia (Ink Circles).  I love the colours of the threads in this, and it’s nice to work on something that I’ve had in my stash for a while.  I’ve just finished the first page, so I thought I’d post a picture, to see what you all think of the fabric colour.

I’ve done some work on Tribute II also, but can’t be bothered to take it off the q-snaps to take a photo.  So I’ll update on that next time.

Just under 4 weeks now till our holiday back to England – can’t wait .  I’m trying to decide what piece that I have kitted up to take with me – or should I just buy something new for when I get there?  I have ordered the fabric and thread for Cirque de Triangles, and that is waiting for me, so maybe that one – decisions, decisions……

clearstar wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Wow, that is dramatic…wonderful colouring. Love the fabric and the whole ethnic look of it.
When do you come home? Call me:)
{{{Julie}}} hope you feel well enough to fly.

natmikesell wrote on Jun 9, ’08
That looks amazing on that fabric Somayya!! You have a wonderful eye for color 🙂

rosanneduk wrote on Jun 9, ’08
That is just gorgeous. Are you still wanting Tracy’s Hawaiian Mandala Sampler? I’m really hoping you are well enough to fly and I had wondered why you were so quiet

rifestitch wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Anatolia looks absolutely amazing on that red fabric!!! Very cool – I have it all kitted up on plain old ant. white 🙂 Feel better!!

somayya1 wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Awwwww – thanks everyone. I was beginning to have second thoughts, but you’ve reassured me. I WILL be flying home on 6 July (even if I have to be drugged up to the eyeballs!!!!) and will be staying for 7 weeks, so hopefully time to meet up with friends, get lots of shopping in, and generally relax with my parents.

I have still got my eye on the Hawaiin Sampler, but having just gone through my stash I have about 20 projects kitted up already, so can’t really justify it at the moment – maybe next year!

mdgtjulie wrote on Jun 10, ’08
Wow, I really like the colors in this, and the fabby is fabulous.
heypaula wrote on Jun 10, ’08
This is gorgeous! I think you’ve picked a perfect fabric!

I hope you’re feeling better (or at least well enough to enjoy your holiday!



Blog Entry A small finish and an update Jun 24, ’08 6:25 PM
for everyone

Hi everyone.  It’s so hot here, that I haven’t really fancied doing much stitching.  But I did manage to finish the stitcher tree that I wanted to do as a present for my mum (whilst sitting in my room with the a/c on – while my husband had his friends over to watch the football!!!).  I don’t think I will get frames here, but will take this and the golfer tree for my dad, with me as is, and let my parents pick out frames in England.  Less than 2 weeks to go now till our trip – yippee…….

I’ve also posted an update on Tribute II.  I haven’t actually worked on this for a couple of weeks, but only just took a picture (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy).  This week its the turn of Anatolia


Blog Entry Just checking in Jul 31, ’08 1:39 PM
for everyone

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  We are just over half way through our holiday in England now, so starting to think of the return .  I haven’t been able to get online as much as I usually do (good thing some might say!).  Been busy visiting various family members, quite a bit of shopping, and just hanging out with my parents, which has been lovely.  There have been quite a few emotional ups and dows too.  The kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves – being spoilt rotten of course.

Stitching wise, I started a picture that my mother-in-law has asked me to do.  Not really my sort of thing and I haven’t done very much, but I felt guilty that I had stitched presents for my parents, and some friends, and haven’t done anything for her so……  Pictures when I get home probably.  I also received a lovely gift in the mail today from one very special lady – so a big hug and thanks to her.


heypaula wrote on Jul 31, ’08
Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your holiday! I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how it was going. I’ll look forward to seeing progress pictures when you get back home.

clearstar wrote on Jul 31, ’08
Glad all is going well.


Blog Entry I’m Back…… Aug 28, ’08 10:25 AM
for everyone

I can’t believe how quickly the last 7 weeks have gone, but I am now back in hot, sticky Algeria.  I’m still feeling really disconnected and unsettled but hopefully will start to settle back into routine soon.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know I arrived safely.  I hope to get the stitching out again soon and will put up some progress pics when I make any.

rosanneduk wrote on Aug 28, ’08
Welcome home! I bet you have had a complete shock going home from our non-summer to Algeria’s heat. Would love to see what else you stashed away while you were over.

heypaula wrote on Aug 29, ’08
I’m glad you made it home again safely. I hope you’re able to settle back into a routine soon.

Blog posts – February-April 2008 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry My first finish of the year Feb 23, ’08 9:52 AM
for everyone


I’ve don it!!!  My first finish of 2008.  It seems to have taken a long time to do this one – I started it last July, while I was on holiday in England, and put the last stitch in on 21 February.  I’m planning to get it framed and put up in my bedroom soon.

Anyway, details.  Cirque des Cercles from Ink Circles designs, stitched 1 over 1 on 22 count black hardanger, with Polstitches Dragon floss in Whisps of Silver.

I am still working on St Sophia, but I thought I might make a start on Blossom Time from Papillon Creations, as spring is definitely in the air here in Algeria!


rifestitch wrote on Feb 23, ’08
Somayya, it is gorgeous!!!! Well done!! It just glows – I can only imagine how stunning it is in person!

xsfav14 wrote on Feb 23, ’08
Wow it is beautiful! Awesome finish!


trishf2382 wrote on Feb 24, ’08
Absolutely stunning Somayya! I think it’s gorgeous and envy anyone who can stitch on black!! Cheers, Trish

mdgtjulie wrote on Feb 25, ’08
That’s just beautiful!!

heypaula wrote on Feb 25, ’08
This is beautiful! And I’m sure you’re ready for some of the lovely colors in Blossom Time after all of that over one on black! (It’s *so* worth the work, though!)

illianna wrote on Mar 7, ’08
woooooooooooow that is beautiful. Congratulation on finishing it 🙂

faterauf wrote on Apr 15, ’08
Ma shaLlah!! I did not know that xstitch could look like that. I had previously tried it, but was really interested in what I was doing. This has sparked so much in me. InshaLlah I will once again try at cross stitch. I am very much interested in embroidery and anything having to do with handwork. Most of what I have seen on the web held no interest for me until I happened upon your site. As a lover of tapestries, this is what I would like to learn how to do. Now, I just need to find out how to go about learning. God Bless and congratulations on your beautiful achievement. Carol

somayya1 wrote on Apr 15, ’08
Mashallah, I’m glad you like it, and it has gained your interest again. I look forward to seeing what you try first.


Blog Entry Sunday Progress Report Apr 13, ’08 6:57 PM
for everyone

After finally finishing St Sophia, and CdeC, I started working on Blossom Time by Papillon Creations and Tribute II from Nouveau Encore Designs.

I’m loving how both of these are working up, specially the bright colours of Blossom, which I may keep working on this week, to see if I can finish.  There are so many other projects I want to start!!!

WIP pictures are here if you can’t see them

And my 2 finishes are here


rifestitch wrote on Apr 13, ’08
These are both gorgeous, Somayya!! Great colors in both pieces!!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 13, ’08
They are wonderful. Your colors are fantastic.

swisswitch wrote on Apr 13, ’08, edited on Apr 13, ’08
Both very beautiful – left comments on the individual pages!

clearstar wrote on Apr 13, ’08
Nouveau Encore has some beautiful samplers.
Blossom is beautiful!

heypaula wrote on Apr 13, ’08
These are both beautiful! I really like the colors in each one – and it’s a very nice mix to switch back and forth.

fireinthelab wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both are beautiful! Love the colors in both!

gothtigger wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Definitely gorgeous – I adore your colour choices 🙂 🙂

somayya1 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments

ebberlykay wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both are lovely. Colours are exquisite

bronxchick55 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both pieces are spectacular.

stitchingqueen wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both look amazing! I love the colors you chose for these designs!

xsfav14 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
I love both of these! Beautiful colors on each!

jorja89 wrote on Apr 18, ’08
Very pretty Somayya. Love the delicate spring colours!


Blog Entry Another finish Apr 19, ’08 5:24 PM
for everyone


I finished Blossom Time yesterday – hurray.  I really feel that my stitching is going well this year (well at least something in life is!).

I’m going to be working more on Tribute II this week, but I may make a start on a couple of little projects that I want to do for my mum and dad.  I’m just finalising the dates of when I will be going to visit this year – hopefully end of June/beginning of July, so not long to wait.  Can’t wait to get back to England – being able to go shopping, buying “proper” chocolate, and of course seeing the family.


rifestitch wrote on Apr 19, ’08
WooHoo!! It’s another gorgeous finish!! Well done!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 19, ’08
This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hear you on the “Proper” Chocolate.

clearstar wrote on Apr 19, ’08
Lovely…there’s some gorgeous specialty stitches in there which you don’t see in the small picture. I might have to rethink and get this one too.

gothtigger wrote on Apr 19, ’08
That is really really gorgeous !! I wonder if it would be sacrilegious to do it on black?

heypaula wrote on Apr 21, ’08
What a gorgeous piece! Congrats on another finish!

behappy0201 wrote on Apr 22, ’08
Lovely, and if I can’t have your other piece…can I have this one. Hahahaha 🙂

Blog posts – 2007 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry New stash and an update Jan 18, ’07 4:54 PM
for everyone

Well my mum and dad have been and gone on their first visit to our new home in Algeria.  They seemed to have a great time and it was lovely to see them, but so hard to say goodbye again.  We are hoping to go to England for our holiday when my daughter finishes school at the end of May/beginning of June, and hopefully I can arrange to meet up with some of the lovely ladies from the UK Cross Stitch group – and you too Claire!

They bought over all the stash that I had been buying the last few months.  They include the floss and fabric for “One Alphabet, Many Flowers”, but I can’t seem to get a good picture of them – but it is 28 Count Zweigart Jubilee in Victorian Green and Vikki Clayton’s silk in Dandelion.

I also got Anatolia by the lovely Tracy of Ink Circles.  This I will be stitching on 27 Count Zweigart Linda with the recommended threads by Carrie’s Creations.  Unfortunately this fabric is a lot darker than it appeared on my screen and I am going to have to swap out the “Ruby” (though it is a fantastic colour).  I have a small skein of Dragon Floss “summer fruits” by Pol stitches which I think I will use on a couple of motifs, and a couple of freebies that came with my order, but I am thinking of using an off-white as a main replacement, just to lighten it a little.

I also got a couple of things I won really cheaply on EBay.  First Wild Alphabet Sampler by Janlynn, then Thomas Kinkade Brookside Hideaway, and lastly a little book “Samplers in Cross Stitch” by Jane Alford.

I’ve loved having some new stash to fondle, and Anatolia is screaming pretty loudly, but I really must work some more on my Kaba’a doors – I am determined to get this one finished this year (updated photo in its album).

My mum also bought over something she had sewn for me as a little reminder of home.





Blog Entry Frappr Map Jun 23, ’07 12:04 PM
for everyone

I just realised that you can zoom in on this map and see my house!!!  If you zoom in on Algeria, as you get closer just to the south east of the pin you will see Douera.  Zoom in again and you will see Khraicia.  As you zoom in more you will see two whitish rectangles towards the east of Khraicia.  When you get to maximum zoom just below and to the right of these two rectangles (which are football courts) you will see a house with a witish T shape on the roof – that is us.  The white is the tiles on the roof terrace.  (There is a yellow line marked W111 to the left)



Blog Entry At last, a Sunday update Jul 1, ’07 3:22 PM
for everyone

Finally managed to get to make an update on my stitching.  I have just completed Year’s End by Papillon Creations.  I started this when I first came back to England to stay with my mum and dad at the beginning of June, so it was quite quick (for me!).

I have used Carrie’s threads in Verde and Garnet (which is a lovely colour), and it was stitched on 28 count ivory evenweave.

Now to decide what to do next.  I have the next in the series – Blossom Time – or I might start to tackle Cirque, which I am doing on black .  Hmmm, decisions, decisions.


gothtigger wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Oooh Somayya – what BEAUTIFUL design! Love your colour choices!

xstitch2y wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Beautiful finish & the colours are gorgeous

rosanneduk wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Gorgeous! What a lovely colour set you used on this – it just makes the design pop!

rifestitch wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Somayya, this is gorgeous!! How are you going to finish it? Can’t wait to see whichever one you decided to start…

ecostitcher wrote on Jul 3, ’07
What a lovely piece!

heypaula wrote on Jul 3, ’07
That’s a gorgeous design! Are these the colors called for, or did you select your own?



Blog Entry A Finish Nov 10, ’07 2:54 PM
for everyone

It’s been a long time again since I posted, but I have a finish to show – Love with a Capital L – which I have stitched for my mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary.  Actually managed to get it finished in plenty of time, as they won’t be coming over till January (their anniversary is in March, but I probably won’t get to see them then.).  I’ll try to get a frame made for them while they are here, as I think it will be expensive back in England to get such a large piece framed!

Apart from that, I have worked just a little on Cirque but not taken any pictures, and bought a few new charts too.


behappy0201 wrote on Nov 10, ’07
It’s lovely!

clearstar wrote on Nov 10, ’07
Wonderful finish! I am sure they will love it 🙂

gothtigger wrote on Nov 10, ’07
That is gorgeous! The nicest rendition I have seen of this chart! I’m sure they will love it!

rifestitch wrote on Nov 11, ’07
Wonderful! What threads did you use – anything yellow would never occur to me, but I love this combination (so I want to steal your combination for something) LOL They will love it!

heypaula wrote on Nov 12, ’07
Beautiful color combination! I’m sure your parents will love it!

somayya1 wrote on Nov 13, ’07
Thanks everyone for the compliments. I am pleased with how it turned out, but I really didn’t realise how big it was going to be!!! I used Carrie’s threads for this and the yellow is actually “Gold Glow”. The blue is “Navy”. I was originally going to use Boysenberry, but when it came it was a lot lighter than I thought- I had wanted something a deeper blue/purple, but I’m pleased with this colour combination anyway.

jlblake wrote on Nov 13, ’07
Very beautiful. They will love it.



Blog Entry Progress??? Dec 2, ’07 11:13 AM
for everyone


I’ve been slowly working on Cd eC, and I’m surprised – looking back at the last picture – just how much I’ve done.

Also I made a start on something a bit more colourful, as a relief from all that black.  I’ve had Saint Sophia in my stash for a while so I thought I would start that.  I originally won the material on ebay, and had no idea what I was going to do with it, but the day after it arrived, this pattern was released and it was perfect.

A friend of mine recently came for a visit and fell in love with the bright colours.  So I am hoping to give it to her when it’s finished.  She has a very plain apartment and is looking for things to brighten it up – I think this should do the trick  



jhingz wrote on Dec 2, ’07
i like those white floral circles

rosanneduk wrote on Dec 2, ’07, edited on Dec 2, ’07
Lovely C de C. is this the Polstitches Wisps of Silver you were discussing with Jayne at one point?

somayya1 wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Yes, that’s right. The variagation probably doesn’t show up so much in the photo, but then it is quite subtle.

natmikesell wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Cirque is looking great Somayya!

rifestitch wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Both look fantastic, Somayya! That fabric is perfect for St. Sophia – that’s going to be gorgeous when finished! Well done on both!

swisswitch wrote on Dec 2, ’07
I like those subtle colours on your Cirque de Cercles, Somayya! Lovely work and a lovely variation of the design

heypaula wrote on Dec 3, ’07
Your Cirque looks beautiful, as does St Sophia! I’m sure it’s nice to switch back and forth with the different colors.


Blog Entry Bombings in Algeria Dec 12, ’07 11:25 AM
for everyone

Just thought I would let everyone know that we are OK here in Algeria after the bombings yesterday.  One exploded very near to my daughter’s school, and they have had some damage and windows blown out, but no children were hurt.  She is a bit shaken, and very clingy at the moment, but not hurt.  The school has now closed early for the holidays so she has a few weeks to get over things before having to return.

Thanks to those friends who have been in touch asking how we are, it is nice to know that people care.


jenwall123 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I am so glad that you are okay. Just hold tight to your daughter, and give her alot of hugs from me.

clearstar wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I didn’t see any news at all yesterday but I am very glad to know you are all ok!

mandala8 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’m happy to hear that you guys are okay. How do we explain to our children why war and terrorism exist and there can be so much evil in the world? Peace to you.

rosanneduk wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Was thinking of you last night when I saw the news, I am so glad to hear you are all OK

gothtigger wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’ve been off in my own little world and haven’t listened to a news broadcast for days. Sooo very happy to hear you and your loved ones are all OK. Do you think there might be a cessation of hostilities for Christmas?

rifestitch wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Glad to hear you all are okay, and I hope you don’t come that close to that kind of danger again – it’s a scary world out there, sometimes even at the best of times.

heypaula wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’m in the group that really didn’t get to read or hear any news yesterday. I’m thrilled that you’re all ok. Give your daughter an extra hug from me. I don’t blame her for being shaken and clingy… I suspect I’d be just the same!

somayya1 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Thank you every one for your best wishes. One of the saddest things about this is the time of year. This being a muslim country, we don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but it is in the month of Hijrah or pilgrimage. And during the first 10 days of this month, we are supposed to try to do more good things, and the really concentrate on worship. These people use the name of islam but go against all its teachings, in the meantime giving a bad name to all muslims. We are taught that taking the life of one innocent person is like taking the life of all of mankind, so how can they justify killing so many innocent men, women and especially the children (there was a school bus deliberately targeted and all the children on it killed). And how do you explain all this to your children?

Anyway, off my soap-box now and back to stitching.

natmikesell wrote on Dec 13, ’07
This is a terrible event and I am so happy that you and your loved ones are safe! The inhumanity exhibited by people is so horrific…..I hope they are caught and punished as they deserve.

Blog posts – September-December 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry I’M BACK!!! Sep 3, ’06 4:19 PM
for everyone

Just a quick entry to let you all know that I am alive and well!!!  I’ve only just got the internet working here, and I have thousands of messages to check through, as you can imagine.  I will post more about our horrendous journey later, but for now, suffice to say that we are all well, and settling in.  My daughter started her new school yesterday too.


heypaula wrote on Sep 3, ’06
Somayya, so glad to hear that everyone is settling in and doing well. Thanks for letting us know!

gothtigger wrote on Sep 4, ’06
Ditto! Glad to here you’re settled and your daughter is back at school – I’m sure she will have new friends by the end of the week!

Mind you, we will know when you are truly settled – you will send pics of your stitching!




Blog Entry Some stitching done! Sep 6, ’06 12:30 PM
for everyone

I have been doing a little stitching and I’ve put a couple of pictures in my album.  The first little project was a freebie from Reflets De Soie.  I did this to keep myself occupied during the journey and when we first arrived.  The picture is terrible, and I will try to get a better one to show the pretty colour of the material, but I have given it to my sister-in-law who is going to be moving to a new home this month.

The second is progress on ABC Deja Vue.  Again the colour of the thread doesn’t really show up very well.  But it is really pretty and I am very pleased with my first project in silk.


heypaula wrote on Sep 6, ’06
Somayya, the colors in both are gorgeous, even in the pictures! Will you be framing Coer or finishing it in another way?

somayya1 wrote on Sep 6, ’06
My sil will be framing it – she wants to put it in her new bedroom, I think.



Blog Entry A finish Oct 28, ’06 1:03 PM
for everyone

Well I’ve been quietly getting on with ABC Deja Vue.  I’ve loved working with silk for the first time, and I think it has turned out really pretty.  I can’t seem to get a good picture of the variegation in the thread.  Maybe once I’ve got my scanner up and running, I’ll try scanning it.

Anyway, now to decide what to work on next.  I am still waiting to move into my own apartment, so I won’t be working on my big Kab’aa doors project just yet.  So, I’ll have a look through my stash and see what takes my fancy!!!



Blog Entry A few more finishes Nov 14, ’06 6:41 PM
for everyone

I’ve been stitching up a storm the last week or so, waiting for the builders to finish in our apartment.  I’ve put up some photos of my latest finishes.

The little house is for my daughter.  The stitching part was easy but putting it together was quite fiddly – so the finish isn’t as neat as I would have liked.

The Dreaming by Dinky Dyes is stitched on a pale pink evenweave with Anchor variegated thread.  I’m thinking of making this up into a cushion at some stage.

Lastly the heart is a present for my mother-in-law.  She loves chilli peppers and grows them in her garden, so I thought she might like this.




Blog posts – June/July 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry Weekly update – 4 June 2006 Jun 5, ’06 12:14 PM
for everyone

Well I had a lovely day out with 2 of the ladies from the UK Cross Stitch Group on Friday.  We went to the Victoria and Albert museum in London, followed by the Science Museum.  It was lovely to meet people with a similar interest.

I finally made the half way point on my Kaba’a doors project – HURRAY – only took 46 weeks!!!  Also did a little bit on the steam train clock I am doing for my son.

I discovered this morning that he has helped me on another little project too.  I had taken out the little cross stitch house and left it by the side of my bed over the weekend.  My son decided he would help me by colouring in the chart, just like mummy  – and I hadn’t taken a copy of it  – aarrgh!!!


ammena wrote on Jun 5, ’06
masha’allah thats tooo cute.. how can u stay mad? he was only helping mummy!!! fi amenallah

heypaula wrote on Jun 5, ’06
I’m glad you had a good get together! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident with your chart – but on the other hand, I’m sure he really did think he was helping!

ecostitcher wrote on Jun 5, ’06
It sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 Your train is coming along nice and it sounds like your chart is quite colorful now. ha ha



Blog Entry Weekly update – 11 June 2006 Jun 11, ’06 10:16 AM
for everyone

I managed to finish the seventh page of my kaba’a doors project this week so still going well.

My credit card took a bit of a bashing this week though.  I bought myself a lap stand, so I can sew more easily outside or in the bedroom.  I also bought a “Sampler Grab Bag” from  These were a special offer of £125 worth of sampler charts and accessories for £25, so quite a bargain.  It was pot luck what I received, but I received some lovely patterns, and it was quite exciting going through the package when it arrived.  I have uploaded pictures.  There are a few that I am not going to be stitching and I have put them in a separate “swap” album.  If anyone is interested in any of them, let me know.  I will post an updated picture of my steam train clock, when I have finished sewing tonight.

My husband’s wallet also got a rare outing this weekend.  We bought a new LCD TV (so he can watch the football!!!) and a new computer and all in one printer for me.



Blog Entry A finish Jul 8, ’06 9:32 PM
for everyone

Just a quick update.  I’ve been really busy sorting, clearing and packing I haven’t had much time or energy for anything else.  I’ve packed my big project as I don’t think I will have the time or mental energy to concentrate on it at the moment.  But I have managed to finish the Steam Train clock for my son.

He was so pleased when I showed it to him this morning — he has been a bit miserable as he is a bit confused about what is going on and doesn’t like it that his toys are being packed away.  He keeps trying to get the boxes open to see if they are still there!  Anyway, just need to get a frame, I’ve got the clock mechanism already, and he will be able to hang it in his new bedroom.  I’ve put a couple of photos in my  2006 completed album.

heypaula wrote on Jul 8, ’06
That came out great, Somayya! I can’t wait to see a picture once it’s assembled. And your son is adorable!

gothtigger wrote on Jul 8, ’06
Oh Somayyya that’s beautiful! And I certainly understand what you mean about not working on big projects right now 🙂

claireej wrote on Jul 8, ’06
Wow, that’s just so cute…the kid that is…he’s adorable…and the stitching too 🙂 Congrats.

gothtigger wrote on Jul 9, ’06
Whoops forgot to mention – you have such a cute son too! I bet he takes after his mum in looks!

ecostitcher wrote on Jul 10, ’06
He looks quite pleased with his tractor. 🙂

ammena wrote on Jul 11, ’06
masha’allah thats gorgeous sis.. insha’allah everything goes ok with the move and everything.. keep in touch sis. Fi amenallah

rifestitch wrote on Oct 10, ’06
Aren’t they both just the cutest???




Blog posts – May 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry PROGRESS May 15, ’06 11:14 AM
for everyone

Well, I haven’t updated this blog for a while so here goes.

I’ve manged to finish page 8 of my doors project now – quite quick on this page, only took about 3 weeks.  I’ve now done 47571 stitches (that’s 47%) in 43 weeks!!!

Started a new weekend project.  It was a pattern I bought ages ago and found when I was looking through all my downloaded patterns.  The fabric is a chocolate 28 count linen and the thread was some I had in my stash for ages, I think I got it off EBay.  It’s coming along really nicely.  I am trying to manipulate the variegation of the thread to show up the over and under parts of the knotwork, it seems to be working so far.

Finally, I managed to complete 2 of the Names of Allah for our round robin project.  I have another 2 to do but haven’t started them yet.

Stash-wise, I bought Alphebetissimo from Papillon Creatons.  I bought some cream evenweave and some hand-dyed threads from Six Strand Sweets (Butterscotch and Buttermint).  No photo of that yet but I’ll put it up when I can.



heypaula wrote on May 15, ’06
Congrats on the progress – both of these pieces are really coming along. I’m amazed at the detail in your doors project every time I see it. Nice stash, too!

ecostitcher wrote on May 15, ’06
You are making wonderful progress! Way to go!!!



Blog Entry Progress report May 22, ’06 4:11 PM
for everyone

Just a quick update.

I managed 1600 stitches on the Kabaa Doors – so close to half way now!

Also just finished my little weekend project, and put up a picture.  I’m really pleased with how it came out as I wasn’t sure about the colours to start with.

On the home-selling front, we have been having a few problems with our buyers solicitors, asking for all sorts of information/papers.  Not sure if they are trying to drag this out for some reason but I hope things will get moving soon.

ammena wrote on May 22, ’06
salam sis.. masha’allah this is beautiful.. tell me sis, is it on fabric? or Aida? Where did you get the pattern. Fi amenAllah

somayya1 wrote on May 22, ’06
Salaam – and thank you. I used a linen fabric as there are quite a few quarter stitches in the pattern. I bought the pattern online ages ago from a sister, who seems to have gone out of business now. It was a nice pattern to stitch too.

claireej wrote on May 22, ’06
Lovely finish! congrats 🙂
Sorry about the house selling problems. Good luck with all that.

heypaula wrote on May 23, ’06
Lovely finish, Somayya – this was a perfect piece of fabric for the colors you used! So sorry to hear about the difficulties with selling your house – having been on the other side of that transaction in the recent past makes me extremely sympathetic!

ecostitcher wrote on May 23, ’06
Well done!! This piece turned out lovely indeed.

Good luck with selling your house.

gothtigger wrote on May 25, ’06
Oh that is truly beautiful! Such a lovely piece!



Blog Entry Weekly update May 29, ’06 8:15 PM
for everyone

Not much stitching done this weekend as we had lots of visits and visitors.  But I did start a new weekend project.  This one is for my 3 year old son, who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic.  When I was looking at Vicki’s site (India Grace Designs), he saw this and went mad for it.

On my big project I managed 1010 stitches – still not quite reached the half way point, maybe this week.

On the house sale front, it looks like we have to jump through a few more hoops yet.  We need to get an amendment to our deeds, which looks like it will cost at least another £1000, so our profit margin is shrinking rapidly.   But we did go and look at some new plasma TVs and laptop computers on Saturday, don’t you love window shopping!


ammena wrote on May 29, ’06
window shopping is just the best.. sis the sites you mentioned, could you post them here? so we can all have a gander insha’allah :o) i had my written test today so back to the stitching front.. need to get them finished i dont like having them hanging over my head as im sure you can fully understand. Fi amenallah

somayya1 wrote on May 30, ’06
Sorry – I should have put the link in for India Grace Designs. She is a lovely lady and very helpful.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06

Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

ecostitcher wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Good luck with the new project and great progress on your BAP!

I hope your house sells soon.

somayya1 wrote on Jun 2, ’06


Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Ooooh that is pretty – I can see why he wants it !!



Blog posts March/April 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry More Progress – More Stash!!! Mar 5, ’06 2:08 PM
for everyone

More progress on the doors – 1235 stitches this week – finally got to the one third point – YAY!!!

Also done a little bit more on St George’s.  I will try to get some photos taken and uploaded later.

Also increased my stash again.  I bought the “Steam Train Clock” pattern from the lovely Vicki at India Grace Designs., and also “The Dreaming” by Dinky Dyes from Lekker Threads


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ecostitcher wrote on Mar 6, ’06
Well done! The Dreaming is such a lovely design and the floss is so colorful!
Blog Entry No Progress Mar 19, ’06 11:35 AM
for everyone

No progress at all this week as we have all been struck down by some sort of stomach virus.  We all took it in turns to be ill, so it hasn’t been very pleasant here.  On the bright side, I have lost 7 kilos!!!

We put our house on the market this week, in preparation for our big move to Algeria this summer, god willing.  No interest as yet, but I think the property market is quite slow at the moment.  Hopefully it will pick up as the weather improves.

Blog Entry Update time again Mar 26, ’06 11:03 PM
for everyone

I’ve updated my photos to show my progress so far.  I managed 1227 stitches on the doors, and I also did quite a bit of my handbag this week.  I’ve nearly finished the second side, then I have to put the tassles on the bottom and finish it off.  I worked on St George this weekend and it is coming on really quickly.  I really am not sure of the thread colour but I’m too far along now so I will finish and maybe stitch it again in a different colour some day!

Anyway we are all recovered from our illness of last week and everyone is back to work/school.  We haven’t had anyone round to view our home yet – looks like we are going to have to drop the price to get any interest, will have to decide in the next couple of days.

Blog Entry Good News Mar 29, ’06 8:36 PM
for everyone

We have a buyer for our home!!!

The first person to come to view has put in an offer, and we have accepted.  Now just all the sorting and packing to get going.

Blog Entry Progress Apr 3, ’06 11:25 AM
for everyone

Another week, another update!!

Really good stitching week this week.  I managed 1496 stitches on my big project and also got quite a lot of stitching done this weekend on St George’s.

Also increased my stash again – I bought a little 3D cottage and the fabric/floss for the Just Nan chart.  I also ordered the Cosima Sampler from Lekker Threads.

ecostitcher wrote on Apr 3, ’06
Well done!

claireej wrote on Apr 5, ’06
Ooh stash!!! Neat.
How do you count your stitches to get such an accurate number of what you’ve done?

somayya1 wrote on Apr 6, ’06
I’m trying to stock up before our big move to Algeria in the summer – I don’t think they have any LNSs in Algiers!!!I mark off on my chart as I stitch and cross off each square of 100 stitches then tally them up at the end of the week, add on the odd stitches, add the total of all complete pages and that’s it. I only do it for my big project, more as an incentive to keep going – if I managed at least 1000 stitches during the week, I can work on St George’s at the weekend.

claireej wrote on Apr 6, ’06
somayya1 said

I’m trying to stock up before our big move to Algeria in the summer – I don’t think they have any LNSs in Algiers!!! 

I’m sure one or more of the internet suppliers will ship to Algiers, if not, I’ll ship stuff and you can paypal me in return! How’s that?

claireej wrote on Apr 6, ’06
somayya1 said

I mark off on my chart as I stitch and cross off each square of 100 stitches then tally them up at the end of the week, add on the odd stitches, add the total of all complete pages and that’s it. I only do it for my big project, more as an incentive to keep going – if I managed at least 1000 stitches during the week, I can work on St George’s at the weekend.

I’ve never thought of doing it that way. I think I’d see so few stitches done that I’d get discouraged. Glad it works for you.

Apr 10, ’06 4:55 PM
for everyone

A good week this week again – 1734 stitches on the doors and a bit done on St George’s.  I also received my Cosima Sampler pattern and I’m trying to decide what colours to use.  I am leaning towards a pale lilac linen and dark lilac thread, as that is the colour scheme I want for my new bedroom, but I haven’t been able to find the exact colours yet.

Blog Entry A FINISH – and more illness Apr 18, ’06 4:10 PM
for everyone

I’ve finished St George’s.  It was a weekend only project, but I worked on it an extra day just to finish it.  I am thinking of making it into a cushion cover, rather than frame it.

Spent most of yesterday evening at the hospital with my daughter.  She has been feeling unwell for a couple of days and yesterday she came out in a rash all over her body, and white spots on her toungue.  Turns out she has probably got Scarlet Fever.  They’ve taken a throat swab and put her on antibiotics and she seems a little brigher today.  She was meant to go back to school today after the easter holidays but will need to stay at home for the rest of the week. Just hope that my little boy doesn’t catch it now!

Prev: Progress
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elkhiyari wrote on Apr 18, ’06
It is great you finished St. George’s. However I am vary sorry to hear your daughter is sick. Give hugs to her for me.Jenan had gotten Rubella about 1 month ago and got a itchy rash. She really felt miserable so I am sure your daughter is feeling terrible. She will definitely be in my duahs.

Love and Hugs,
Sister Heather

ecostitcher wrote on Apr 19, ’06
Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and congratulations on finishing St. George! I’m looking forward to seeing a picture.

somayya1 wrote on Apr 22, ’06
Thank you both. My husband has now been told that he has it too. We thought he had a bad dose of flu, as he didn’t have a rash, but the doctor told him yesterday that adults don’t always show the rash. My daughter is feeling a lot better now and should be back to school on Monday, god willing.

gothtigger wrote on Apr 22, ’06
Oh you poor thing, both child and husband ??? Your family has my sympathies!

nanasewing wrote on May 9, ’06
I am sorry to reply to you so late, but I have been having computer problems. I hope and pray that your daughter recovers quickly with no bad side effects.

somayya1 wrote on May 9, ’06
Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Everyone is a lot better now. My daughter is back in school and taking her Stage 1 SATs!!

Blog posts, January/February 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry First time! Jan 19, ’06 11:11 AM
for everyone

Well here goes.

This is the first time I’ve done one of these blogs, so I’m not sure what I am going to put in it yet.

Didn’t get much stitching done yesterday, but I did make a start on the handbag I recently bought, put in about 170 stitches.  This is the first time I’ve worked with linen and it doesn’t seem too bad so far.  The hardest part is working in hand rather than on a frame, because the bag is closed.

I also ordered all the floss I need for Crackling Silence and Paris when it sizzles.  I bought it on EBay so got it quite cheap.  I’m still waiting for the fabric for PWIS – can’t wait for it all to arrive!

Blog Entry Package arrived Jan 20, ’06 5:33 PM
for everyone

I received all my floss that I had bought on EBay for my 2 new charts – 

Spent a while sorting out which ones go with which project, but haven’t done anything else with them yet.  I’m still waiting for the fabric for the PWIS chart.

Did some work on my big project last night – sat up stitching and watching ER and House.  Also did a little bit on the handbag too.

Received my fabric for PWIS – looks lovely.  I now have both my new projects kitted up but don’t know when I will start.

Blog Entry Nothing special Jan 24, ’06 7:34 PM
for everyone

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days, so haven’t done much in the way of stitching (or housework!) but I’m feeling better now so hopefully I will get some work done.

Blog Entry Progress Jan 29, ’06 12:20 PM
for everyone

I managed only to put in 609 stitches on my big project this week.  That’s 26823 stitches complete  out of 101100 (26.5%).

I also finished the centre part of the design on the henna handbag and added some beads.  My daughter thinks it’s lovely and has got her eye on it already (she’s only 6).

Blog Entry PROGRESS Feb 4, ’06 12:35 PM
for everyone

Did quite well this week, managed to put in 1645 stitches on my big project, but nothing on anything else.  

Also increased my stash (thanks Claire!!).  I bought the St George’s pattern by Long Dog.  I’ll put up a photo when I can.


Blog Entry Another week gone! Feb 11, ’06 10:38 AM
for everyone

Yep, another week has passed so quickly.  I managed just over 1,000 stitches on my big project and I also completed a little heart pattern that I got from “The Gift of Stitching” online mag.  Don’t know what I am going to do with it though!

I have been trying to figure out what fabric/threads to use for St G’s.  I have put some photos in my stash album.  I can’t really afford to get more so, out of my stash, I have some chocolate coloured linen with some gold variegated thread, or some blue evenweave with a pink thread, or I have a darkish cream soft aida with maybe the thread from Pol Stitches – fire and ice – if I can save up a few pennies.  What do you think?

Happy stitching!