Emerging from the depths…

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while and things haven’t changed much.  Changed doctors (again) and am now on an increased dose of the drug for my arthritis – still to see any results, but have to give it a bit more time, I’m told.

Good news and happy dancing on the stitching front, I finally completed my son’s prayer rug and even managed to get it sewn onto the backing fabric this morning (thanks to mum for getting that ready, and for making up my daughter’s rug while they were over for a visit last month).




So what’s next?  I had been planning t0 start Cosima by Monasterium Designs, but getting the fabric ready last night I was a bit overwhelmed by the size, so I dug out this little chart to do first, just to get another finish in 😉




Or maybe I should start both and switch between them?  Here’s Cosima:





You probably noticed that all the colours are a variation of a theme, but we recently moved into our newly decorated living room and I had nothing to go on the walls (except Cirque des Triangles which is still waiting for a frame) so had to find something to fill the walls.

3 thoughts on “Emerging from the depths…

  1. Congratulations on finishing your son’s prayer rug! And tough decision on the next two. It might be worth starting both and when you feel up to it work on Cosina, and when you don’t, you could work on the smaller project. But I have a startitis problem, so I may be the worst possible person to give advice. 🙂

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