A quick update

I can’t believe I’ve been back in Algeria for a week already – one down how many more to go before next June???  Nothing much has changed – spent most of the first couple of days trying to find things after my husband and mother-in-law had “tidied” the cupboards, unpacking and getting used to the heat.  Haven’t actually been out of the flat since we got back so nothing changes there, but the in-laws did have a party on Friday for the 2 new babies in the family – over 150 women in a flat, not my idea of fun.

Anyway, made some more progress on my daughter’s prayer rug and am now half way down one side, it seems to be coming along nice and quickly and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like finished.  The new lamp that I bought back with me has been wonderful and meant that I can get a lot more stitching done than I used to.  I’m trying to decide whether to get a piece of fabric to sew onto the back, just to keep it a little cleaner when it’s being used, but as that will mean actually being taken out to the shops, we shall see…..

This is a close up of the side piece I just finished



And this is the whole piece so far (sorry for the lousy pictures, photography was never my strong point LOL)

7 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. It’s beautiful Julie. We have no driver at the moment ( last one never came back from on holiday) so I understand how difficult it can be to get supplies. I did back my last quilt and I also put a thin batting( wadding) in as well as though it would make it softer.

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