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Blog posts – May 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry PROGRESS May 15, ’06 11:14 AM
for everyone

Well, I haven’t updated this blog for a while so here goes.

I’ve manged to finish page 8 of my doors project now – quite quick on this page, only took about 3 weeks.  I’ve now done 47571 stitches (that’s 47%) in 43 weeks!!!

Started a new weekend project.  It was a pattern I bought ages ago and found when I was looking through all my downloaded patterns.  The fabric is a chocolate 28 count linen and the thread was some I had in my stash for ages, I think I got it off EBay.  It’s coming along really nicely.  I am trying to manipulate the variegation of the thread to show up the over and under parts of the knotwork, it seems to be working so far.

Finally, I managed to complete 2 of the Names of Allah for our round robin project.  I have another 2 to do but haven’t started them yet.

Stash-wise, I bought Alphebetissimo from Papillon Creatons.  I bought some cream evenweave and some hand-dyed threads from Six Strand Sweets (Butterscotch and Buttermint).  No photo of that yet but I’ll put it up when I can.



heypaula wrote on May 15, ’06
Congrats on the progress – both of these pieces are really coming along. I’m amazed at the detail in your doors project every time I see it. Nice stash, too!

ecostitcher wrote on May 15, ’06
You are making wonderful progress! Way to go!!!



Blog Entry Progress report May 22, ’06 4:11 PM
for everyone

Just a quick update.

I managed 1600 stitches on the Kabaa Doors – so close to half way now!

Also just finished my little weekend project, and put up a picture.  I’m really pleased with how it came out as I wasn’t sure about the colours to start with.

On the home-selling front, we have been having a few problems with our buyers solicitors, asking for all sorts of information/papers.  Not sure if they are trying to drag this out for some reason but I hope things will get moving soon.

ammena wrote on May 22, ’06
salam sis.. masha’allah this is beautiful.. tell me sis, is it on fabric? or Aida? Where did you get the pattern. Fi amenAllah

somayya1 wrote on May 22, ’06
Salaam – and thank you. I used a linen fabric as there are quite a few quarter stitches in the pattern. I bought the pattern online ages ago from a sister, who seems to have gone out of business now. It was a nice pattern to stitch too.

claireej wrote on May 22, ’06
Lovely finish! congrats 🙂
Sorry about the house selling problems. Good luck with all that.

heypaula wrote on May 23, ’06
Lovely finish, Somayya – this was a perfect piece of fabric for the colors you used! So sorry to hear about the difficulties with selling your house – having been on the other side of that transaction in the recent past makes me extremely sympathetic!

ecostitcher wrote on May 23, ’06
Well done!! This piece turned out lovely indeed.

Good luck with selling your house.

gothtigger wrote on May 25, ’06
Oh that is truly beautiful! Such a lovely piece!



Blog Entry Weekly update May 29, ’06 8:15 PM
for everyone

Not much stitching done this weekend as we had lots of visits and visitors.  But I did start a new weekend project.  This one is for my 3 year old son, who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic.  When I was looking at Vicki’s site (India Grace Designs), he saw this and went mad for it.

On my big project I managed 1010 stitches – still not quite reached the half way point, maybe this week.

On the house sale front, it looks like we have to jump through a few more hoops yet.  We need to get an amendment to our deeds, which looks like it will cost at least another £1000, so our profit margin is shrinking rapidly.   But we did go and look at some new plasma TVs and laptop computers on Saturday, don’t you love window shopping!


ammena wrote on May 29, ’06
window shopping is just the best.. sis the sites you mentioned, could you post them here? so we can all have a gander insha’allah :o) i had my written test today so back to the stitching front.. need to get them finished i dont like having them hanging over my head as im sure you can fully understand. Fi amenallah

somayya1 wrote on May 30, ’06
Sorry – I should have put the link in for India Grace Designs. She is a lovely lady and very helpful.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06

Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

ecostitcher wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Good luck with the new project and great progress on your BAP!

I hope your house sells soon.

somayya1 wrote on Jun 2, ’06


Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Ooooh that is pretty – I can see why he wants it !!



Blog posts March/April 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry More Progress – More Stash!!! Mar 5, ’06 2:08 PM
for everyone

More progress on the doors – 1235 stitches this week – finally got to the one third point – YAY!!!

Also done a little bit more on St George’s.  I will try to get some photos taken and uploaded later.

Also increased my stash again.  I bought the “Steam Train Clock” pattern from the lovely Vicki at India Grace Designs., and also “The Dreaming” by Dinky Dyes from Lekker Threads


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ecostitcher wrote on Mar 6, ’06
Well done! The Dreaming is such a lovely design and the floss is so colorful!
Blog Entry No Progress Mar 19, ’06 11:35 AM
for everyone

No progress at all this week as we have all been struck down by some sort of stomach virus.  We all took it in turns to be ill, so it hasn’t been very pleasant here.  On the bright side, I have lost 7 kilos!!!

We put our house on the market this week, in preparation for our big move to Algeria this summer, god willing.  No interest as yet, but I think the property market is quite slow at the moment.  Hopefully it will pick up as the weather improves.

Blog Entry Update time again Mar 26, ’06 11:03 PM
for everyone

I’ve updated my photos to show my progress so far.  I managed 1227 stitches on the doors, and I also did quite a bit of my handbag this week.  I’ve nearly finished the second side, then I have to put the tassles on the bottom and finish it off.  I worked on St George this weekend and it is coming on really quickly.  I really am not sure of the thread colour but I’m too far along now so I will finish and maybe stitch it again in a different colour some day!

Anyway we are all recovered from our illness of last week and everyone is back to work/school.  We haven’t had anyone round to view our home yet – looks like we are going to have to drop the price to get any interest, will have to decide in the next couple of days.

Blog Entry Good News Mar 29, ’06 8:36 PM
for everyone

We have a buyer for our home!!!

The first person to come to view has put in an offer, and we have accepted.  Now just all the sorting and packing to get going.

Blog Entry Progress Apr 3, ’06 11:25 AM
for everyone

Another week, another update!!

Really good stitching week this week.  I managed 1496 stitches on my big project and also got quite a lot of stitching done this weekend on St George’s.

Also increased my stash again – I bought a little 3D cottage and the fabric/floss for the Just Nan chart.  I also ordered the Cosima Sampler from Lekker Threads.

ecostitcher wrote on Apr 3, ’06
Well done!

claireej wrote on Apr 5, ’06
Ooh stash!!! Neat.
How do you count your stitches to get such an accurate number of what you’ve done?

somayya1 wrote on Apr 6, ’06
I’m trying to stock up before our big move to Algeria in the summer – I don’t think they have any LNSs in Algiers!!!I mark off on my chart as I stitch and cross off each square of 100 stitches then tally them up at the end of the week, add on the odd stitches, add the total of all complete pages and that’s it. I only do it for my big project, more as an incentive to keep going – if I managed at least 1000 stitches during the week, I can work on St George’s at the weekend.

claireej wrote on Apr 6, ’06
somayya1 said

I’m trying to stock up before our big move to Algeria in the summer – I don’t think they have any LNSs in Algiers!!! 

I’m sure one or more of the internet suppliers will ship to Algiers, if not, I’ll ship stuff and you can paypal me in return! How’s that?

claireej wrote on Apr 6, ’06
somayya1 said

I mark off on my chart as I stitch and cross off each square of 100 stitches then tally them up at the end of the week, add on the odd stitches, add the total of all complete pages and that’s it. I only do it for my big project, more as an incentive to keep going – if I managed at least 1000 stitches during the week, I can work on St George’s at the weekend.

I’ve never thought of doing it that way. I think I’d see so few stitches done that I’d get discouraged. Glad it works for you.

Apr 10, ’06 4:55 PM
for everyone

A good week this week again – 1734 stitches on the doors and a bit done on St George’s.  I also received my Cosima Sampler pattern and I’m trying to decide what colours to use.  I am leaning towards a pale lilac linen and dark lilac thread, as that is the colour scheme I want for my new bedroom, but I haven’t been able to find the exact colours yet.

Blog Entry A FINISH – and more illness Apr 18, ’06 4:10 PM
for everyone

I’ve finished St George’s.  It was a weekend only project, but I worked on it an extra day just to finish it.  I am thinking of making it into a cushion cover, rather than frame it.

Spent most of yesterday evening at the hospital with my daughter.  She has been feeling unwell for a couple of days and yesterday she came out in a rash all over her body, and white spots on her toungue.  Turns out she has probably got Scarlet Fever.  They’ve taken a throat swab and put her on antibiotics and she seems a little brigher today.  She was meant to go back to school today after the easter holidays but will need to stay at home for the rest of the week. Just hope that my little boy doesn’t catch it now!

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elkhiyari wrote on Apr 18, ’06
It is great you finished St. George’s. However I am vary sorry to hear your daughter is sick. Give hugs to her for me.Jenan had gotten Rubella about 1 month ago and got a itchy rash. She really felt miserable so I am sure your daughter is feeling terrible. She will definitely be in my duahs.

Love and Hugs,
Sister Heather

ecostitcher wrote on Apr 19, ’06
Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and congratulations on finishing St. George! I’m looking forward to seeing a picture.

somayya1 wrote on Apr 22, ’06
Thank you both. My husband has now been told that he has it too. We thought he had a bad dose of flu, as he didn’t have a rash, but the doctor told him yesterday that adults don’t always show the rash. My daughter is feeling a lot better now and should be back to school on Monday, god willing.

gothtigger wrote on Apr 22, ’06
Oh you poor thing, both child and husband ??? Your family has my sympathies!

nanasewing wrote on May 9, ’06
I am sorry to reply to you so late, but I have been having computer problems. I hope and pray that your daughter recovers quickly with no bad side effects.

somayya1 wrote on May 9, ’06
Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Everyone is a lot better now. My daughter is back in school and taking her Stage 1 SATs!!

Blog posts, January/February 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry First time! Jan 19, ’06 11:11 AM
for everyone

Well here goes.

This is the first time I’ve done one of these blogs, so I’m not sure what I am going to put in it yet.

Didn’t get much stitching done yesterday, but I did make a start on the handbag I recently bought, put in about 170 stitches.  This is the first time I’ve worked with linen and it doesn’t seem too bad so far.  The hardest part is working in hand rather than on a frame, because the bag is closed.

I also ordered all the floss I need for Crackling Silence and Paris when it sizzles.  I bought it on EBay so got it quite cheap.  I’m still waiting for the fabric for PWIS – can’t wait for it all to arrive!

Blog Entry Package arrived Jan 20, ’06 5:33 PM
for everyone

I received all my floss that I had bought on EBay for my 2 new charts – 

Spent a while sorting out which ones go with which project, but haven’t done anything else with them yet.  I’m still waiting for the fabric for the PWIS chart.

Did some work on my big project last night – sat up stitching and watching ER and House.  Also did a little bit on the handbag too.

Received my fabric for PWIS – looks lovely.  I now have both my new projects kitted up but don’t know when I will start.

Blog Entry Nothing special Jan 24, ’06 7:34 PM
for everyone

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days, so haven’t done much in the way of stitching (or housework!) but I’m feeling better now so hopefully I will get some work done.

Blog Entry Progress Jan 29, ’06 12:20 PM
for everyone

I managed only to put in 609 stitches on my big project this week.  That’s 26823 stitches complete  out of 101100 (26.5%).

I also finished the centre part of the design on the henna handbag and added some beads.  My daughter thinks it’s lovely and has got her eye on it already (she’s only 6).

Blog Entry PROGRESS Feb 4, ’06 12:35 PM
for everyone

Did quite well this week, managed to put in 1645 stitches on my big project, but nothing on anything else.  

Also increased my stash (thanks Claire!!).  I bought the St George’s pattern by Long Dog.  I’ll put up a photo when I can.


Blog Entry Another week gone! Feb 11, ’06 10:38 AM
for everyone

Yep, another week has passed so quickly.  I managed just over 1,000 stitches on my big project and I also completed a little heart pattern that I got from “The Gift of Stitching” online mag.  Don’t know what I am going to do with it though!

I have been trying to figure out what fabric/threads to use for St G’s.  I have put some photos in my stash album.  I can’t really afford to get more so, out of my stash, I have some chocolate coloured linen with some gold variegated thread, or some blue evenweave with a pink thread, or I have a darkish cream soft aida with maybe the thread from Pol Stitches – fire and ice – if I can save up a few pennies.  What do you think?

Happy stitching!



Next, the blog posts???

Well, I’ve finally finished copying all my photo albums over from Multiply, and am now faced with copying over the blog posts.  Hmmm, not sure how many will make it over I will have to have a read through them first – that will bring back some memories LOL.  But that will be for another day.

It’s been a tiring couple of days – even more so for the family in Algeria.  My brother-in-law’s wife gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on Friday (she was working up till Wednesday, went into labour Friday morning and was home by the evening – not bad for a first time baby)!  On Sunday, my husband’s sister, who was also heavily pregnant and staying at our home (the in-laws live in the apartment downstairs in our villa) had her water’s break, but with no sign of labour.  She has been having a lot of problems with her pregnancy so they took her to the hospital, where she was told she would need a c-section.  Unfortunately (Algeria being the country it is!) they didn’t have any of her type of blood so family members had to be rounded up to donate before they could operate.  Then, it being Ramadhan, the doctors decided to wait till they had broken their fast before proceeding.  So, after being made to wait all day on her own, she was finally taken in about 11pm and delivered her baby boy.  We are not sure what has happened since as no one is allowed to visit her, but my mother-in-law who went up there this morning was told the hospital couldn’t look after the baby as they didn’t have enough staff and she had to bring him home!!!  SIL is still in the surgical ward and not allowed visitors, though she was allowed to see the baby for 5 minutes, and we don’t know when she will be allowed home.  BIL’s wife has volunteered to feed both the babies, so she’s in for a tiring few days – but I can only imagine how upset my SIL is by the whole thing.   Anyway, my daughter and I have been sitting around waiting for news, which is like getting blood out of a stone sometimes.  It will be a noisier house when we go back to Algeria that’s for sure.

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Completed projects 2012 (so far!) – copied from Multiply

Scheherazade by Papillon Creations. Stitched in the Sinbad colourway with the recommended DMC threads on a cream linen.



Cotillion by Papillon Creations. Stitched on 27ct Linda in Cherry Red with silk threads from hand-dyed




z3mom wrote on May 21
This is beautiful!

dkluge wrote on May 22
What a lovely gift! It really is beautiful, Julie. Congratulations.

Debbie K in Illinois

clearstar wrote on May 22
Wow, wow, wow! Superb finish! Congratulations!

kfwcjl99 wrote on May 22
Beautiful! Love the colors.

squeakandme wrote on May 22
Beautiful Julie! So vibrant and warm.

ebberlykay wrote on May 24
Thats gorgeous Julie

ccflo wrote on Jul 31

dajudges wrote on Jul 31
Just beautiful

clearstar wrote on Aug 1
Stunning! Congrats on the finish.x

dusty4347 wrote on Aug 3
WOW, that is stunning on the red. What a difference from the pictured on the site. Yours is so vibrant.

dusty4347 wrote on Aug 3
Gorgeous Julie !!

somayya1 wrote on Aug 3
Thanks everyone, I do like to do things my own way and love to experiment with changing the colour schemes, though it doesn’t always work out LOL.

Completed projects 2009 – copied from Multiply

Anatolia by Ink Circles designs, stitched with the recommended Carries threads (with one change!) on 27 Count Linda fabric in Cherry Red. Finished on 26 February 2009.




Irish Blessing Sampler by the Sweetheart Tree. Stitched on 28ct Jobelan in Wood Violet with the recommended threads/beads



Butterfly Garden finished 10 June 2009 (since made into a table runner for my dressing table)




rifestitch wrote on Feb 26, ’09
WooHoo!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Well done!!! I love this red fabric – I think it just adds to the rug feel of the design – the perfect choice!

This has really been calling me – I am very close to finishing Foursome Reel #1 – I may jump this into the sampler spot of my rotation 🙂

rosanneduk wrote on Feb 26, ’09
Gorgeous finish. It looks spectacular on the red, very Anatolian!

clearstar wrote on Feb 26, ’09
Super finish, congrats.

threadsthroughtime wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Bery pretty Congrats on the finish

monstermom wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Very pretty! The red fabric just adds so much to it! Congrats on a great finish!!!

ajt0516 wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Beautiful finish!!!

swisswitch wrote on Mar 2, ’09
I always liked this design. Congratulations on finishing it, it looks very pretty!

jorja89 wrote on Mar 2, ’09
Looks great on the red Somaya!

bronxchick55 wrote on Mar 2, ’09
WOW! That is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations on such a great finish.

somayya1 wrote on Mar 4, ’09
Thanks everyone for such lovely comments.

mamatina wrote on Mar 4, ’09
Beautiful…can be made a prayer rug eh.

gothtigger wrote on Mar 5, ’09
Gorgeous on that fabric! Have you sent a pic to Tracy for her gallery?

ndmurdock wrote on Mar 8, ’09
Wonderful finish, I remember seeing the progress photos of this one!

landislb wrote on Mar 8, ’09
Very nice finish! Congratulations!!

mandala8 wrote on Mar 19, ’09
Hi. I put this beauty up on my main home page for Ink Circles. Good eye candy for the visitors. I can’t say enough how cool this came out.

somayya1 wrote on Apr 3, ’09
I saw – I was so surprised, thank you – what a wonderful compliment.
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

ladyhawke80 wrote on Apr 5, ’09
Its beautiful. Congrats on a wonderful finish.

squeakandme wrote on Apr 5, ’09
Very pretty, and what a special gift!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 5, ’09
It’s beautiful.

ajt0516 wrote on Apr 5, ’09
What a wonderful gift – lovely stitching!

gothtigger wrote on Apr 6, ’09
Very pretty!

ndmurdock wrote on Apr 6, ’09
Lovely stitching! The Sweetheart Trees have some great detail!

Completed projects 2008 – copied from Multiply




Saint Sophia by Papillon Creations – seen by a friend of mine while I was working on it and given as a gift to her when finished 🙂
















Tribute II by Nouveau Encore designs. Stitched over 1 on 22 count cream fabric with Carrie’s Creations thread in Wildfire.




Stitcher and Golf trees for my parents



Blossom Time completed 18 April 2008.  Stitched with Carrie’s Threads in Irish Kiss and Sweet Dreams




Cirque de Circle completed 21 Feb 2008


Completed projects 2007 – copied from Multiply

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Love with a Capital L

Love with a Capital L – by Papillon Creations. Finished on 8 November 2007. Stitched on 32 count white laguna fabric with Carrie’s Creations threads in Gold Glow and Navy. Stitched for my Mum and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Just Nan.jpg

6 CommentsChronological   Reverse   Threaded

clearstar wrote on Feb 11, ’07
Gorgeous….love how the button echoes the colours in the design and the flowers.

gothtigger wrote on Feb 11, ’07
Oooh Somayya what an intricate and beautiful little piece – well done on the finish!

behappy0201 wrote on Feb 11, ’07
Congrats on a wonderful finish!

heypaula wrote on Feb 12, ’07
Congrats on a beautiful finish! I love the button in the center!

xstitch2y wrote on Feb 12, ’07

skovranok wrote on Feb 27, ’07
How pretty, and what tiny stitches — I had to click on to see if they were stitches or beads! What a lovely piece!
Design by Stephanie at Nouveau Encore Designs. Stitched with Soie D’Alger
Year’s End by Papillon Creations. Stitched on 28 count ivory evenweave with Carrie’s Creations threads in Ruby and Verde
Energy from Ruby Slipper Needlework Designs. Stitched on 28ct pale blue linen with Carrie’s Creations Thread in Boysenberry, and various odd bits of DMC that my mum had laying around. A present for my sister.

Completed projects 2007 – Kabaa doors – copied from Multiply






desafio wrote on May 15, ’07
This is beautiful. what a challenge…

mandala8 wrote on May 15, ’07
This is so beautiful Somayya! I had no idea that you had designed it yourself as we’ve watched it unfold over the months. You did an amazing job on both the designing and the stitching! Multiply lets you see very close up if you click the picture, so I can see all the colors and individual stitches.

Islamic calligraphy is so beautiful, elegant, and (since I can’t read it) mysterious.

jstitcher wrote on May 15, ’07

natmikesell wrote on May 15, ’07
Amazing Somayya! Congrats on the beautiful design and finish 🙂

rifestitch wrote on May 15, ’07
It’s beautiful – well done! Now, how long is it going to be before you do another design with gold in it???

busyreadin wrote on May 15, ’07
What a beautiful piece!

swisswitch wrote on May 15, ’07
Amazing piece, Somayya! Hearty congrats on the finish!!

gothtigger wrote on May 15, ’07
You finished it !!! Oh well done! Well done indeed !!!!! Looks fabulous !!!!

z3mom wrote on May 15, ’07
What a HUGE effort! I am impressed!

behappy0201 wrote on May 16, ’07
I am so impressed!

somayya1 wrote on May 16, ’07
LOL – well I am currently working on Love with a Capital L in Gold and Blue for my mum and dad’s 50th anniversary!!!

And thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I am very proud of this one.

yummytimtam wrote on May 16, ’07
Wonderful project, Somayya. Great designing too

rosanneduk wrote on May 16, ’07
This is just an amazing design and finish. There aren’t the work to describe it. Awesome comes closest!

clearstar wrote on May 16, ’07
Wow, how wonderful to see the Doors finished. Can you get it framed over there or will it need a visit home??

xstitch2y wrote on May 16, ’07
Just beautiful, you should be very proud of yourself!!

fireinthelab wrote on May 16, ’07
Absolutely amazing! It is so detailed! Congrats on the awesome finish!

xstitchnmama wrote on May 17, ’07
This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so very talented!

heypaula wrote on May 21, ’07
This is stunning, Somayya! Congratulations on the finish!

landislb wrote on May 21, ’07
Wow, Somayya! It’s just wonderful. Congratulations!!

dajudges wrote on Jul 3
This is awesome not sure I would ever complete a project like this