The roses are blooming

I have really enjoyed stitching on my new project – the prayer rug for my daughter, and I think I’ve made good progress, slowed down a couple of days ago when I dropped a draw full of frozen food on my arthritic hand!!!  So here’s the progress so far (the fabric hasn’t come out very well – it’s actually a light apricot colour).  The only question now is whether to add the backstitching that is called for in the pattern.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely HATE backstitching.  So do I bother or not – all input appreciated 🙂




On the home front, I can’t believe that my summer holiday in England is nearly over. I know, I know, I’ve been here since 8 June so it should be enough, but there are less than 2 weeks to go till our return to Algeria and to be honest I am dreading it.  Having to now think about it and plan things is just making me more stressed.  When I was chatting to my mum the other day I told her it felt like I was returning to prison.  My daughter (who was eavesdropping LOL) piped up with “it’s not THAT bad mummy, it’s more like house arrest” – not sure if that makes me feel any better LOL.  So anyhowI think I have all the shopping done that I need to take back, just the wonderful job of trying to make it all fit into the suitcases to come.


6 thoughts on “The roses are blooming

  1. That looks gorgeous! I’m so sorry to hear about your hand… I hope you don’t suffer long with that. It really doesn’t seem like it needs backstitch from your photo. The roses seem very well detailed just with the colour changes, as do the leaves. Maybe you could do a little backstitch if you want certain elements to stand out more?

  2. Julie – this is lovely. I also hate backstitch; however, it really makes a patternn ‘pop’. You’re daughter is so funny – children just say it how it is :-)). Good luck with all the packing and moving. Best wishes {{hugs}}

  3. salam what a lovely peice julie cant commnt on back stitch yet as no nothing about it inshallah allah makes your packing and your return to dz easy lots of dua and trust in allah he will make things easy for you we all miss you here and inshallah we will get to see more of you in the future take care and have a lovely 2 weeks left xxxxx

    • salam Lorraine, thanks for commenting here 🙂 I’m not sure about seeing more of anyone when I get back, I am finding it increasingly difficult walking and especially stairs, so even getting out of my place will be difficult. Any meeting that is in a house with stairs will be almost impossible too. Inshallah a few of you will be able to come to visit me 😉 I was thinking of hosting the October meeting (if it’s not Eid) but will have to talk to DH first inshallah.

  4. Love the roses and I think if you decide to back stitch it’s best to do it as you go along. That’s what I am doing on my mat.
    I totally understand your not wanting to go back but inshallah once you are there you will be ok.

    • That’s what I was thinking Denise. I’ll wait till I’ve finished these centre 3 roses and have a look, but I don’t want to have to go back and do it all at once!!!

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