Stitching goodies and a finish

First up the finish – Little Blue by Alessandra Adelaide stitched on 18 count cream Aida with Six Strand Sweets threads in Grape Jelly and Concords.  The fabric was really stiff so I’m glad to be finished with that, but love how it has come out, though there was one skein of the grape jelly thread that was lighter than the rest and that really shows up in this picture, much more than it does in real life.  I have 2 other patterns in this series and am planning to frame them all up the same and group them together, once they are all done – may have to buy another one just to make it an even number 😉  So I’m counting this as a finish for the August “blue” theme in the Stitching Hangout Yahoo group – even though it’s in purple 🙂




Next up some goodies.  I treated myself to the new StitchSmart stand to replace my old wooden one which was getting very lose and squeeky.  Loving how it holds the work and how easily it turns over to get access to the back.  I then found what I thought was an amazing deal on the accessory pack (daylight lamp, magnifier and chart holder) but when it arrived it turned out to be another stand!  My mum decided to keep it as she hasn’t really been stitching much recently because of her fibromyalygia (sp?), and this seems to help her, but she still can’t manage too many stitches.  So she kept the second stand and ordered me the accessory pack (and paid the extra – thanks mum :))  Here’s a picture of the setup in action (minus the lamp as I have really good lighting here – it will be invaluable back in Algeria though where the room I stitch in gets dark very early and the lighting there is useless for stitching).




After seeing Denise’s prayer mat that she was stitching during Ramadhan, I hunted high and low on the internet to try to get myself a copy of the book by Susan Bates.  The only place I found was in Turkey and the postage was really high, so I decided to contact the author herself via her website – .  She was so helpful and agreed to sell me one of her own copies of the book and post it to me.  It is a stunning book, with some beautiful designs, a couple of which I think are destined to be wall hangings one day.  The kids both picked out the ones they wanted and then tossed a coin to see which one I would do first – my daughter won.  So I ordered the fabric (28ct Jobelan) and threads and that will be my next project.  I need to get the sewing machine out first and hem the edges though (or get mum to do it 😉

This is the deisgn my daughter chose:




and this for my son (in Man United colours of course LOL)




and this is the book I’m talking about – shame I can’t speak Turkish LOL



6 thoughts on “Stitching goodies and a finish

  1. Excellent finish on AAN, that is gorgeous, and I’m glad the one thread doesn’t show as much in real life. That would be incredibly frustrating. Beautiful pieces for your next 2 projects too!

  2. Hi Julie, interesting to see which of my designs you are going to stitch up 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely comments about me and my book and thanks for the mention of my website too!
    I can see you’re a dedicated stitcher – your blog is really lovely!
    Best wishes, Susan Bates 🙂

    • You’re welcome Susan – thank you for such a beautiful book. It is hard to find designs aimed specifically at the muslim market, so I was really excited when I saw Denise’s work. And thank you for the compliments on my stitching.

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