Blog posts – October-December 2008 – copied from Multiply…

Blog Entry Finally, an update Oct 26, ’08 11:11 AM
for everyone


It has been SO long since I last updated this blog – but now that Ramadan is over, and the kids are finally back at school, I may be able to get a bit more time for myself.

So I finally managed to take some pictures of the 3 projects I am currently working on.  First up is Tribute II, which I now have 2/3rds done.  I really love the colours of this floss, specially as it is now autumn so seems more appropriate, and I am hoping that this will be a finish this year.





Secondly, Anatolia.  This seems harder going, don’t know why, but again I love the thread colours on this, and I will be working on it more this week.



Lastly is the picture I am doing for my mother-in-law.  It is a kit (aarrggghhhhhhh) from Dimensions, called Valley of the River Beck.  I really didn’t enjoy all that green top left, and close up it doesn’t seem to flow very well – but from a distance I think it will be OK.

Anyway, pictures are in my WIPs album if you can’t see them here.



ndmurdock wrote on Oct 27, ’08
All are very pretty! And you have gotten quite a bit done. I hate kits now too! It does look fine on this end!

rifestitch wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Great progress on all!!! Tribute is definitely amazing in that floss,and Anatolia just blows me away on that red fabric – mine has been whimpering “Start me, please!”, though I restacked stuff the other day, so it’s a bit more muffled now 🙂

heypaula wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Wow – all of these are beautiful!! I love the color combinations in Tribute and Anatolia. And the Valley of the River Beck looks fine from here! (But I know how they can look odd when you’re up close and working on pieces like that!)

bronxchick55 wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Tribute II is gorgeous and I love the fabric choice for Anatolia.

mandala8 wrote on Oct 27, ’08
Tribute and River Beck are coming along beautifully, but I must say your version of Anatolia has just made my morning!

clearstar wrote on Oct 28, ’08
Anatolia looks wonderful. It’s my favourite of those three projects…super work.

gothtigger wrote on Oct 28, ’08
Somayya, I love the thread colour you are using in Tribute!

And Anatolia is simply gorgeous – I would never have the courage to select such fabric, but it looks sooo beautiful!

somayya1 wrote on Oct 29, ’08
Thanks everyone. Your comments keep me going, specially when I am unsure of a colour choice. I have no-one around me that has any real interest in my work, so it’s nice to have positive feedback from all you experts.

swisswitch wrote on Oct 29, ’08
Ooooh, they’re all lovely!

Colleen stitched Valley of the River Beck years ago, and I remember it looked gorgous! It will be really worth the pain that’s stitching a Dimensions kit 🙂

Tribute II is gorgeous!


Blog Entry Happy dance Dec 16, ’08 7:40 PM
for everyone
Tribute II is finished – YAY!!!! I just put in the last stitch. I so wanted to get another finish in this year, so I’ve been working on this the exclusively the last couple of weeks. Pictures if, and when we finally get some sunshine.
rifestitch wrote on Dec 16, ’08
Can’t wait to see it – I bet it is just stunning!!!

clearstar wrote on Dec 16, ’08
Congrats on the finish!

heypaula wrote on Dec 17, ’08
Congrats! I can’t wait to see pictures!


Blog Entry Tribute II Dec 19, ’08 11:06 AM
for everyone

I’ve managed to get some pictures of my last finish of the year.  It may take some time to get it framed, but it’s just nice to get a big project finished this year.  I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get more done – must remember to choose some smaller projects next time!!!

Anyway, pics are here if you can’t see them on this blog :


rifestitch wrote on Dec 19, ’08
Wow. That came out so wonderfully 🙂 I still think that thread was THE perfect choice for this – the variations are so perfect, and you can see each element of the design, almost as though it was done with a different thread. Great, great job!!

mandala8 wrote on Dec 19, ’08
Just beautiful!

z3mom wrote on Dec 19, ’08
This is beautiful Somayya!

squeakandme wrote on Dec 19, ’08
It turned out beautifully!

twana wrote on Dec 20, ’08
Hate to repeat what everybody else has said but beautiful is the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.

gothtigger wrote on Dec 20, ’08
This is a design that never really called to me – but your version is gorgeous – I love the colour you used!

somayya1 wrote on Dec 20, ’08
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

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