Blog posts – May 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry PROGRESS May 15, ’06 11:14 AM
for everyone

Well, I haven’t updated this blog for a while so here goes.

I’ve manged to finish page 8 of my doors project now – quite quick on this page, only took about 3 weeks.  I’ve now done 47571 stitches (that’s 47%) in 43 weeks!!!

Started a new weekend project.  It was a pattern I bought ages ago and found when I was looking through all my downloaded patterns.  The fabric is a chocolate 28 count linen and the thread was some I had in my stash for ages, I think I got it off EBay.  It’s coming along really nicely.  I am trying to manipulate the variegation of the thread to show up the over and under parts of the knotwork, it seems to be working so far.

Finally, I managed to complete 2 of the Names of Allah for our round robin project.  I have another 2 to do but haven’t started them yet.

Stash-wise, I bought Alphebetissimo from Papillon Creatons.  I bought some cream evenweave and some hand-dyed threads from Six Strand Sweets (Butterscotch and Buttermint).  No photo of that yet but I’ll put it up when I can.



heypaula wrote on May 15, ’06
Congrats on the progress – both of these pieces are really coming along. I’m amazed at the detail in your doors project every time I see it. Nice stash, too!

ecostitcher wrote on May 15, ’06
You are making wonderful progress! Way to go!!!



Blog Entry Progress report May 22, ’06 4:11 PM
for everyone

Just a quick update.

I managed 1600 stitches on the Kabaa Doors – so close to half way now!

Also just finished my little weekend project, and put up a picture.  I’m really pleased with how it came out as I wasn’t sure about the colours to start with.

On the home-selling front, we have been having a few problems with our buyers solicitors, asking for all sorts of information/papers.  Not sure if they are trying to drag this out for some reason but I hope things will get moving soon.

ammena wrote on May 22, ’06
salam sis.. masha’allah this is beautiful.. tell me sis, is it on fabric? or Aida? Where did you get the pattern. Fi amenAllah

somayya1 wrote on May 22, ’06
Salaam – and thank you. I used a linen fabric as there are quite a few quarter stitches in the pattern. I bought the pattern online ages ago from a sister, who seems to have gone out of business now. It was a nice pattern to stitch too.

claireej wrote on May 22, ’06
Lovely finish! congrats 🙂
Sorry about the house selling problems. Good luck with all that.

heypaula wrote on May 23, ’06
Lovely finish, Somayya – this was a perfect piece of fabric for the colors you used! So sorry to hear about the difficulties with selling your house – having been on the other side of that transaction in the recent past makes me extremely sympathetic!

ecostitcher wrote on May 23, ’06
Well done!! This piece turned out lovely indeed.

Good luck with selling your house.

gothtigger wrote on May 25, ’06
Oh that is truly beautiful! Such a lovely piece!



Blog Entry Weekly update May 29, ’06 8:15 PM
for everyone

Not much stitching done this weekend as we had lots of visits and visitors.  But I did start a new weekend project.  This one is for my 3 year old son, who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic.  When I was looking at Vicki’s site (India Grace Designs), he saw this and went mad for it.

On my big project I managed 1010 stitches – still not quite reached the half way point, maybe this week.

On the house sale front, it looks like we have to jump through a few more hoops yet.  We need to get an amendment to our deeds, which looks like it will cost at least another £1000, so our profit margin is shrinking rapidly.   But we did go and look at some new plasma TVs and laptop computers on Saturday, don’t you love window shopping!


ammena wrote on May 29, ’06
window shopping is just the best.. sis the sites you mentioned, could you post them here? so we can all have a gander insha’allah :o) i had my written test today so back to the stitching front.. need to get them finished i dont like having them hanging over my head as im sure you can fully understand. Fi amenallah

somayya1 wrote on May 30, ’06
Sorry – I should have put the link in for India Grace Designs. She is a lovely lady and very helpful.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06

Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

ecostitcher wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Good luck with the new project and great progress on your BAP!

I hope your house sells soon.

somayya1 wrote on Jun 2, ’06


Whereabouts on the India Grace site is the train design? And good luck with the house!

gothtigger wrote on Jun 2, ’06
Ooooh that is pretty – I can see why he wants it !!




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