Blog posts – June/July 2006 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry Weekly update – 4 June 2006 Jun 5, ’06 12:14 PM
for everyone

Well I had a lovely day out with 2 of the ladies from the UK Cross Stitch Group on Friday.  We went to the Victoria and Albert museum in London, followed by the Science Museum.  It was lovely to meet people with a similar interest.

I finally made the half way point on my Kaba’a doors project – HURRAY – only took 46 weeks!!!  Also did a little bit on the steam train clock I am doing for my son.

I discovered this morning that he has helped me on another little project too.  I had taken out the little cross stitch house and left it by the side of my bed over the weekend.  My son decided he would help me by colouring in the chart, just like mummy  – and I hadn’t taken a copy of it  – aarrgh!!!


ammena wrote on Jun 5, ’06
masha’allah thats tooo cute.. how can u stay mad? he was only helping mummy!!! fi amenallah

heypaula wrote on Jun 5, ’06
I’m glad you had a good get together! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident with your chart – but on the other hand, I’m sure he really did think he was helping!

ecostitcher wrote on Jun 5, ’06
It sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 Your train is coming along nice and it sounds like your chart is quite colorful now. ha ha



Blog Entry Weekly update – 11 June 2006 Jun 11, ’06 10:16 AM
for everyone

I managed to finish the seventh page of my kaba’a doors project this week so still going well.

My credit card took a bit of a bashing this week though.  I bought myself a lap stand, so I can sew more easily outside or in the bedroom.  I also bought a “Sampler Grab Bag” from  These were a special offer of £125 worth of sampler charts and accessories for £25, so quite a bargain.  It was pot luck what I received, but I received some lovely patterns, and it was quite exciting going through the package when it arrived.  I have uploaded pictures.  There are a few that I am not going to be stitching and I have put them in a separate “swap” album.  If anyone is interested in any of them, let me know.  I will post an updated picture of my steam train clock, when I have finished sewing tonight.

My husband’s wallet also got a rare outing this weekend.  We bought a new LCD TV (so he can watch the football!!!) and a new computer and all in one printer for me.



Blog Entry A finish Jul 8, ’06 9:32 PM
for everyone

Just a quick update.  I’ve been really busy sorting, clearing and packing I haven’t had much time or energy for anything else.  I’ve packed my big project as I don’t think I will have the time or mental energy to concentrate on it at the moment.  But I have managed to finish the Steam Train clock for my son.

He was so pleased when I showed it to him this morning — he has been a bit miserable as he is a bit confused about what is going on and doesn’t like it that his toys are being packed away.  He keeps trying to get the boxes open to see if they are still there!  Anyway, just need to get a frame, I’ve got the clock mechanism already, and he will be able to hang it in his new bedroom.  I’ve put a couple of photos in my  2006 completed album.

heypaula wrote on Jul 8, ’06
That came out great, Somayya! I can’t wait to see a picture once it’s assembled. And your son is adorable!

gothtigger wrote on Jul 8, ’06
Oh Somayyya that’s beautiful! And I certainly understand what you mean about not working on big projects right now 🙂

claireej wrote on Jul 8, ’06
Wow, that’s just so cute…the kid that is…he’s adorable…and the stitching too 🙂 Congrats.

gothtigger wrote on Jul 9, ’06
Whoops forgot to mention – you have such a cute son too! I bet he takes after his mum in looks!

ecostitcher wrote on Jul 10, ’06
He looks quite pleased with his tractor. 🙂

ammena wrote on Jul 11, ’06
masha’allah thats gorgeous sis.. insha’allah everything goes ok with the move and everything.. keep in touch sis. Fi amenallah

rifestitch wrote on Oct 10, ’06
Aren’t they both just the cutest???





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