Blog posts – June-August 2008 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry A new start Jun 9, ’08 3:36 PM
for everyone

I decided to start another project (to cheer myself up – been having a lot of health problems again recently), so I pulled out Anatolia (Ink Circles).  I love the colours of the threads in this, and it’s nice to work on something that I’ve had in my stash for a while.  I’ve just finished the first page, so I thought I’d post a picture, to see what you all think of the fabric colour.

I’ve done some work on Tribute II also, but can’t be bothered to take it off the q-snaps to take a photo.  So I’ll update on that next time.

Just under 4 weeks now till our holiday back to England – can’t wait .  I’m trying to decide what piece that I have kitted up to take with me – or should I just buy something new for when I get there?  I have ordered the fabric and thread for Cirque de Triangles, and that is waiting for me, so maybe that one – decisions, decisions……

clearstar wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Wow, that is dramatic…wonderful colouring. Love the fabric and the whole ethnic look of it.
When do you come home? Call me:)
{{{Julie}}} hope you feel well enough to fly.

natmikesell wrote on Jun 9, ’08
That looks amazing on that fabric Somayya!! You have a wonderful eye for color 🙂

rosanneduk wrote on Jun 9, ’08
That is just gorgeous. Are you still wanting Tracy’s Hawaiian Mandala Sampler? I’m really hoping you are well enough to fly and I had wondered why you were so quiet

rifestitch wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Anatolia looks absolutely amazing on that red fabric!!! Very cool – I have it all kitted up on plain old ant. white 🙂 Feel better!!

somayya1 wrote on Jun 9, ’08
Awwwww – thanks everyone. I was beginning to have second thoughts, but you’ve reassured me. I WILL be flying home on 6 July (even if I have to be drugged up to the eyeballs!!!!) and will be staying for 7 weeks, so hopefully time to meet up with friends, get lots of shopping in, and generally relax with my parents.

I have still got my eye on the Hawaiin Sampler, but having just gone through my stash I have about 20 projects kitted up already, so can’t really justify it at the moment – maybe next year!

mdgtjulie wrote on Jun 10, ’08
Wow, I really like the colors in this, and the fabby is fabulous.
heypaula wrote on Jun 10, ’08
This is gorgeous! I think you’ve picked a perfect fabric!

I hope you’re feeling better (or at least well enough to enjoy your holiday!



Blog Entry A small finish and an update Jun 24, ’08 6:25 PM
for everyone

Hi everyone.  It’s so hot here, that I haven’t really fancied doing much stitching.  But I did manage to finish the stitcher tree that I wanted to do as a present for my mum (whilst sitting in my room with the a/c on – while my husband had his friends over to watch the football!!!).  I don’t think I will get frames here, but will take this and the golfer tree for my dad, with me as is, and let my parents pick out frames in England.  Less than 2 weeks to go now till our trip – yippee…….

I’ve also posted an update on Tribute II.  I haven’t actually worked on this for a couple of weeks, but only just took a picture (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy).  This week its the turn of Anatolia


Blog Entry Just checking in Jul 31, ’08 1:39 PM
for everyone

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  We are just over half way through our holiday in England now, so starting to think of the return .  I haven’t been able to get online as much as I usually do (good thing some might say!).  Been busy visiting various family members, quite a bit of shopping, and just hanging out with my parents, which has been lovely.  There have been quite a few emotional ups and dows too.  The kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves – being spoilt rotten of course.

Stitching wise, I started a picture that my mother-in-law has asked me to do.  Not really my sort of thing and I haven’t done very much, but I felt guilty that I had stitched presents for my parents, and some friends, and haven’t done anything for her so……  Pictures when I get home probably.  I also received a lovely gift in the mail today from one very special lady – so a big hug and thanks to her.


heypaula wrote on Jul 31, ’08
Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your holiday! I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how it was going. I’ll look forward to seeing progress pictures when you get back home.

clearstar wrote on Jul 31, ’08
Glad all is going well.


Blog Entry I’m Back…… Aug 28, ’08 10:25 AM
for everyone

I can’t believe how quickly the last 7 weeks have gone, but I am now back in hot, sticky Algeria.  I’m still feeling really disconnected and unsettled but hopefully will start to settle back into routine soon.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know I arrived safely.  I hope to get the stitching out again soon and will put up some progress pics when I make any.

rosanneduk wrote on Aug 28, ’08
Welcome home! I bet you have had a complete shock going home from our non-summer to Algeria’s heat. Would love to see what else you stashed away while you were over.

heypaula wrote on Aug 29, ’08
I’m glad you made it home again safely. I hope you’re able to settle back into a routine soon.

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