Blog posts – June 2009 – May 2012 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry Long time no blog Jun 10, ’09 5:20 PM
for everyone
I haven’t been around much recently here on Multiply, mainly because my internet connection is so C@~p I can’t get on to it most days, let alone actually see or upload any photos!!!  Anyway, today is a good connection day, and I also finished a quickie project I have been working on (just to get my finished tally up a little )

It’s Butterfly Garden by Dinky Dyes.  I stitched it on some Polstitches fabric I’ve had in my cupboard for ages – Marbled Lilac – with the Dinky Dyes Silk that came with it (my first time using these silks).  I’ve actually made it into a runner for my dressing table, just to pretty up my bedroom a little.

Apart from that I’ve been plodding along working on my mother-in-law’s present – Valley of the River Beck.  I’m over half way done, but it is slow going.  I decided not to take it with me when I go to England for my holidays – I’d rather have something I enjoy stitching on, so I finally settled on Cotillion by Papillon Creations.  I kitted it up with silk when Vicki Clayton was having her sale, and I’m going to stitch it on the same red fabric I used on Anatolia.

Tomorrow my husband is taking me and the kids to his uncle’s place on the beach – about 4 hour drive outside of Algiers to the east – bit of family bonding before I take the kids off for 10 weeks to the UK.  Just hope it isn’t going to be as hot as forecast!!!


rifestitch wrote on Jun 10, ’09
Glad to see you!! Garden is cute – I love all of her charts, though haven’t managed to stash any (I don’t think). Can’t wait to see Cotillion on that red – I have a piece of the fabric the model is on, thanks to a great RAK, so I need to get the chart soon, when I whittle the samplers down a bit 🙂

heypaula wrote on Jun 10, ’09
This is a lovely finish – congrats! Can’t wait to see your Cotillion, and it should be a great project for while you’re on holiday!

mandala8 wrote on Jun 10, ’09
Butterflies came out very sweet. As said, Cotillion is going to look super on the red. I love all of her designs! Have a super holiday.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 12, ’09
Butterflies looks great on that fabric! Great choice!

vineedle wrote on Jun 13, ’09
Butterfly Garden is looking very pretty. Looking forward to see finished Cotillion. Have a great holiday!


Blog Entry Anybody still here????? Mar 5, ’12 11:19 AM
for everyone
It’s been so long since I’ve been here, just wondering if anyone else is still around?

I finally finished a present for my mother-in-law, that I’ve been working on for years – Valley of the River Beck (a Dimensions kit).  And have started work on Scheherazade by Papillon Creations.
I’ve recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis, so am finding stitching a little more difficult nowadays, but really want to try to keep using my hands so will try to get off the computer more and back to the stitching 🙂
Blog Entry Presents Apr 22, ’12 5:20 PM
for everyone
I finally nagged – I mean persuaded – my husband to get a frame for my mother-in-law’s present, and he picked it up today.  Just gave it to her and she was delighted.  Now to get him to find the drill and put it up on the wall for her 😉  I was just looking back at the WIP photos, and I started this in 2008!!!

My daughter asked me to make something for her best friend at school, so I dug out this small towel that I’ve had in a drawer for ages and stitched her name on it.  So in the good books with my daughter too 🙂
Apart from that I am still working on Scheherezade, no picture today though.

elvirasmom wrote on Apr 22
The frame is perfect for the picture. Great job.
The towel is cute too.

ebberlykay wrote on Apr 23
Lovely picture and the towel looks good too

landislb wrote on May 4
Nice finishes! The framing looks great. What a nice thing to stitch for your daughter’s friend, too!

nancysxstitch wrote on May 7
Oh finishes are so nice, aren’t they? Great job on the piece for your MIL, I’m sure she will love it. And your daughter’s friend will really like the towel. Looking good!


Blog Entry A purple project for me May 22, ’12 2:49 PM
for everyone
After finishing Scheherazade, which ended up as another gift, I’ve decided to do something for myself next.  So I pulled out Cirque des Triangles, by Ink Circles.  I’m going to stitch it on 32ct linen in Dove Grey, with Carrie’s Creation thread in Deep Purple.  Can’t wait to get started.

Also  wanted to share a finish from last year, which I didn’t put up.  It was meant to be a wedding gift for a friend’s daughter, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so am trying to decide whether to keep it for myself or give it to my friend.
And finally a bit better picture of scheherazade

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