Blog posts – February-April 2008 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry My first finish of the year Feb 23, ’08 9:52 AM
for everyone


I’ve don it!!!  My first finish of 2008.  It seems to have taken a long time to do this one – I started it last July, while I was on holiday in England, and put the last stitch in on 21 February.  I’m planning to get it framed and put up in my bedroom soon.

Anyway, details.  Cirque des Cercles from Ink Circles designs, stitched 1 over 1 on 22 count black hardanger, with Polstitches Dragon floss in Whisps of Silver.

I am still working on St Sophia, but I thought I might make a start on Blossom Time from Papillon Creations, as spring is definitely in the air here in Algeria!


rifestitch wrote on Feb 23, ’08
Somayya, it is gorgeous!!!! Well done!! It just glows – I can only imagine how stunning it is in person!

xsfav14 wrote on Feb 23, ’08
Wow it is beautiful! Awesome finish!


trishf2382 wrote on Feb 24, ’08
Absolutely stunning Somayya! I think it’s gorgeous and envy anyone who can stitch on black!! Cheers, Trish

mdgtjulie wrote on Feb 25, ’08
That’s just beautiful!!

heypaula wrote on Feb 25, ’08
This is beautiful! And I’m sure you’re ready for some of the lovely colors in Blossom Time after all of that over one on black! (It’s *so* worth the work, though!)

illianna wrote on Mar 7, ’08
woooooooooooow that is beautiful. Congratulation on finishing it 🙂

faterauf wrote on Apr 15, ’08
Ma shaLlah!! I did not know that xstitch could look like that. I had previously tried it, but was really interested in what I was doing. This has sparked so much in me. InshaLlah I will once again try at cross stitch. I am very much interested in embroidery and anything having to do with handwork. Most of what I have seen on the web held no interest for me until I happened upon your site. As a lover of tapestries, this is what I would like to learn how to do. Now, I just need to find out how to go about learning. God Bless and congratulations on your beautiful achievement. Carol

somayya1 wrote on Apr 15, ’08
Mashallah, I’m glad you like it, and it has gained your interest again. I look forward to seeing what you try first.


Blog Entry Sunday Progress Report Apr 13, ’08 6:57 PM
for everyone

After finally finishing St Sophia, and CdeC, I started working on Blossom Time by Papillon Creations and Tribute II from Nouveau Encore Designs.

I’m loving how both of these are working up, specially the bright colours of Blossom, which I may keep working on this week, to see if I can finish.  There are so many other projects I want to start!!!

WIP pictures are here if you can’t see them

And my 2 finishes are here


rifestitch wrote on Apr 13, ’08
These are both gorgeous, Somayya!! Great colors in both pieces!!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 13, ’08
They are wonderful. Your colors are fantastic.

swisswitch wrote on Apr 13, ’08, edited on Apr 13, ’08
Both very beautiful – left comments on the individual pages!

clearstar wrote on Apr 13, ’08
Nouveau Encore has some beautiful samplers.
Blossom is beautiful!

heypaula wrote on Apr 13, ’08
These are both beautiful! I really like the colors in each one – and it’s a very nice mix to switch back and forth.

fireinthelab wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both are beautiful! Love the colors in both!

gothtigger wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Definitely gorgeous – I adore your colour choices 🙂 🙂

somayya1 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments

ebberlykay wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both are lovely. Colours are exquisite

bronxchick55 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both pieces are spectacular.

stitchingqueen wrote on Apr 14, ’08
Both look amazing! I love the colors you chose for these designs!

xsfav14 wrote on Apr 14, ’08
I love both of these! Beautiful colors on each!

jorja89 wrote on Apr 18, ’08
Very pretty Somayya. Love the delicate spring colours!


Blog Entry Another finish Apr 19, ’08 5:24 PM
for everyone


I finished Blossom Time yesterday – hurray.  I really feel that my stitching is going well this year (well at least something in life is!).

I’m going to be working more on Tribute II this week, but I may make a start on a couple of little projects that I want to do for my mum and dad.  I’m just finalising the dates of when I will be going to visit this year – hopefully end of June/beginning of July, so not long to wait.  Can’t wait to get back to England – being able to go shopping, buying “proper” chocolate, and of course seeing the family.


rifestitch wrote on Apr 19, ’08
WooHoo!! It’s another gorgeous finish!! Well done!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 19, ’08
This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hear you on the “Proper” Chocolate.

clearstar wrote on Apr 19, ’08
Lovely…there’s some gorgeous specialty stitches in there which you don’t see in the small picture. I might have to rethink and get this one too.

gothtigger wrote on Apr 19, ’08
That is really really gorgeous !! I wonder if it would be sacrilegious to do it on black?

heypaula wrote on Apr 21, ’08
What a gorgeous piece! Congrats on another finish!

behappy0201 wrote on Apr 22, ’08
Lovely, and if I can’t have your other piece…can I have this one. Hahahaha 🙂

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