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Blog Entry New stash and an update Jan 18, ’07 4:54 PM
for everyone

Well my mum and dad have been and gone on their first visit to our new home in Algeria.  They seemed to have a great time and it was lovely to see them, but so hard to say goodbye again.  We are hoping to go to England for our holiday when my daughter finishes school at the end of May/beginning of June, and hopefully I can arrange to meet up with some of the lovely ladies from the UK Cross Stitch group – and you too Claire!

They bought over all the stash that I had been buying the last few months.  They include the floss and fabric for “One Alphabet, Many Flowers”, but I can’t seem to get a good picture of them – but it is 28 Count Zweigart Jubilee in Victorian Green and Vikki Clayton’s silk in Dandelion.

I also got Anatolia by the lovely Tracy of Ink Circles.  This I will be stitching on 27 Count Zweigart Linda with the recommended threads by Carrie’s Creations.  Unfortunately this fabric is a lot darker than it appeared on my screen and I am going to have to swap out the “Ruby” (though it is a fantastic colour).  I have a small skein of Dragon Floss “summer fruits” by Pol stitches which I think I will use on a couple of motifs, and a couple of freebies that came with my order, but I am thinking of using an off-white as a main replacement, just to lighten it a little.

I also got a couple of things I won really cheaply on EBay.  First Wild Alphabet Sampler by Janlynn, then Thomas Kinkade Brookside Hideaway, and lastly a little book “Samplers in Cross Stitch” by Jane Alford.

I’ve loved having some new stash to fondle, and Anatolia is screaming pretty loudly, but I really must work some more on my Kaba’a doors – I am determined to get this one finished this year (updated photo in its album).

My mum also bought over something she had sewn for me as a little reminder of home.





Blog Entry Frappr Map Jun 23, ’07 12:04 PM
for everyone

I just realised that you can zoom in on this map and see my house!!!  If you zoom in on Algeria, as you get closer just to the south east of the pin you will see Douera.  Zoom in again and you will see Khraicia.  As you zoom in more you will see two whitish rectangles towards the east of Khraicia.  When you get to maximum zoom just below and to the right of these two rectangles (which are football courts) you will see a house with a witish T shape on the roof – that is us.  The white is the tiles on the roof terrace.  (There is a yellow line marked W111 to the left)



Blog Entry At last, a Sunday update Jul 1, ’07 3:22 PM
for everyone

Finally managed to get to make an update on my stitching.  I have just completed Year’s End by Papillon Creations.  I started this when I first came back to England to stay with my mum and dad at the beginning of June, so it was quite quick (for me!).

I have used Carrie’s threads in Verde and Garnet (which is a lovely colour), and it was stitched on 28 count ivory evenweave.

Now to decide what to do next.  I have the next in the series – Blossom Time – or I might start to tackle Cirque, which I am doing on black .  Hmmm, decisions, decisions.


gothtigger wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Oooh Somayya – what BEAUTIFUL design! Love your colour choices!

xstitch2y wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Beautiful finish & the colours are gorgeous

rosanneduk wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Gorgeous! What a lovely colour set you used on this – it just makes the design pop!

rifestitch wrote on Jul 2, ’07
Somayya, this is gorgeous!! How are you going to finish it? Can’t wait to see whichever one you decided to start…

ecostitcher wrote on Jul 3, ’07
What a lovely piece!

heypaula wrote on Jul 3, ’07
That’s a gorgeous design! Are these the colors called for, or did you select your own?



Blog Entry A Finish Nov 10, ’07 2:54 PM
for everyone

It’s been a long time again since I posted, but I have a finish to show – Love with a Capital L – which I have stitched for my mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary.  Actually managed to get it finished in plenty of time, as they won’t be coming over till January (their anniversary is in March, but I probably won’t get to see them then.).  I’ll try to get a frame made for them while they are here, as I think it will be expensive back in England to get such a large piece framed!

Apart from that, I have worked just a little on Cirque but not taken any pictures, and bought a few new charts too.


behappy0201 wrote on Nov 10, ’07
It’s lovely!

clearstar wrote on Nov 10, ’07
Wonderful finish! I am sure they will love it 🙂

gothtigger wrote on Nov 10, ’07
That is gorgeous! The nicest rendition I have seen of this chart! I’m sure they will love it!

rifestitch wrote on Nov 11, ’07
Wonderful! What threads did you use – anything yellow would never occur to me, but I love this combination (so I want to steal your combination for something) LOL They will love it!

heypaula wrote on Nov 12, ’07
Beautiful color combination! I’m sure your parents will love it!

somayya1 wrote on Nov 13, ’07
Thanks everyone for the compliments. I am pleased with how it turned out, but I really didn’t realise how big it was going to be!!! I used Carrie’s threads for this and the yellow is actually “Gold Glow”. The blue is “Navy”. I was originally going to use Boysenberry, but when it came it was a lot lighter than I thought- I had wanted something a deeper blue/purple, but I’m pleased with this colour combination anyway.

jlblake wrote on Nov 13, ’07
Very beautiful. They will love it.



Blog Entry Progress??? Dec 2, ’07 11:13 AM
for everyone


I’ve been slowly working on Cd eC, and I’m surprised – looking back at the last picture – just how much I’ve done.

Also I made a start on something a bit more colourful, as a relief from all that black.  I’ve had Saint Sophia in my stash for a while so I thought I would start that.  I originally won the material on ebay, and had no idea what I was going to do with it, but the day after it arrived, this pattern was released and it was perfect.

A friend of mine recently came for a visit and fell in love with the bright colours.  So I am hoping to give it to her when it’s finished.  She has a very plain apartment and is looking for things to brighten it up – I think this should do the trick  



jhingz wrote on Dec 2, ’07
i like those white floral circles

rosanneduk wrote on Dec 2, ’07, edited on Dec 2, ’07
Lovely C de C. is this the Polstitches Wisps of Silver you were discussing with Jayne at one point?

somayya1 wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Yes, that’s right. The variagation probably doesn’t show up so much in the photo, but then it is quite subtle.

natmikesell wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Cirque is looking great Somayya!

rifestitch wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Both look fantastic, Somayya! That fabric is perfect for St. Sophia – that’s going to be gorgeous when finished! Well done on both!

swisswitch wrote on Dec 2, ’07
I like those subtle colours on your Cirque de Cercles, Somayya! Lovely work and a lovely variation of the design

heypaula wrote on Dec 3, ’07
Your Cirque looks beautiful, as does St Sophia! I’m sure it’s nice to switch back and forth with the different colors.


Blog Entry Bombings in Algeria Dec 12, ’07 11:25 AM
for everyone

Just thought I would let everyone know that we are OK here in Algeria after the bombings yesterday.  One exploded very near to my daughter’s school, and they have had some damage and windows blown out, but no children were hurt.  She is a bit shaken, and very clingy at the moment, but not hurt.  The school has now closed early for the holidays so she has a few weeks to get over things before having to return.

Thanks to those friends who have been in touch asking how we are, it is nice to know that people care.


jenwall123 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I am so glad that you are okay. Just hold tight to your daughter, and give her alot of hugs from me.

clearstar wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I didn’t see any news at all yesterday but I am very glad to know you are all ok!

mandala8 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’m happy to hear that you guys are okay. How do we explain to our children why war and terrorism exist and there can be so much evil in the world? Peace to you.

rosanneduk wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Was thinking of you last night when I saw the news, I am so glad to hear you are all OK

gothtigger wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’ve been off in my own little world and haven’t listened to a news broadcast for days. Sooo very happy to hear you and your loved ones are all OK. Do you think there might be a cessation of hostilities for Christmas?

rifestitch wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Glad to hear you all are okay, and I hope you don’t come that close to that kind of danger again – it’s a scary world out there, sometimes even at the best of times.

heypaula wrote on Dec 12, ’07
I’m in the group that really didn’t get to read or hear any news yesterday. I’m thrilled that you’re all ok. Give your daughter an extra hug from me. I don’t blame her for being shaken and clingy… I suspect I’d be just the same!

somayya1 wrote on Dec 12, ’07
Thank you every one for your best wishes. One of the saddest things about this is the time of year. This being a muslim country, we don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but it is in the month of Hijrah or pilgrimage. And during the first 10 days of this month, we are supposed to try to do more good things, and the really concentrate on worship. These people use the name of islam but go against all its teachings, in the meantime giving a bad name to all muslims. We are taught that taking the life of one innocent person is like taking the life of all of mankind, so how can they justify killing so many innocent men, women and especially the children (there was a school bus deliberately targeted and all the children on it killed). And how do you explain all this to your children?

Anyway, off my soap-box now and back to stitching.

natmikesell wrote on Dec 13, ’07
This is a terrible event and I am so happy that you and your loved ones are safe! The inhumanity exhibited by people is so horrific…..I hope they are caught and punished as they deserve.

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