Next, the blog posts???

Well, I’ve finally finished copying all my photo albums over from Multiply, and am now faced with copying over the blog posts.  Hmmm, not sure how many will make it over I will have to have a read through them first – that will bring back some memories LOL.  But that will be for another day.

It’s been a tiring couple of days – even more so for the family in Algeria.  My brother-in-law’s wife gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on Friday (she was working up till Wednesday, went into labour Friday morning and was home by the evening – not bad for a first time baby)!  On Sunday, my husband’s sister, who was also heavily pregnant and staying at our home (the in-laws live in the apartment downstairs in our villa) had her water’s break, but with no sign of labour.  She has been having a lot of problems with her pregnancy so they took her to the hospital, where she was told she would need a c-section.  Unfortunately (Algeria being the country it is!) they didn’t have any of her type of blood so family members had to be rounded up to donate before they could operate.  Then, it being Ramadhan, the doctors decided to wait till they had broken their fast before proceeding.  So, after being made to wait all day on her own, she was finally taken in about 11pm and delivered her baby boy.  We are not sure what has happened since as no one is allowed to visit her, but my mother-in-law who went up there this morning was told the hospital couldn’t look after the baby as they didn’t have enough staff and she had to bring him home!!!  SIL is still in the surgical ward and not allowed visitors, though she was allowed to see the baby for 5 minutes, and we don’t know when she will be allowed home.  BIL’s wife has volunteered to feed both the babies, so she’s in for a tiring few days – but I can only imagine how upset my SIL is by the whole thing.   Anyway, my daughter and I have been sitting around waiting for news, which is like getting blood out of a stone sometimes.  It will be a noisier house when we go back to Algeria that’s for sure.


One thought on “Next, the blog posts???

  1. Morning Julie, I did it just the opposite. I did the blogs first. Now since I am stymied as to how to move my photo albums, I am waiting on Mel’s next post. I am thinking we need to create a new page for each album but do we have to parent the pictures to the page or can we add multiple pics at once. Too sick to figure it out right now, but will have to tackle it soon!

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