Completed projects 2009 – copied from Multiply

Anatolia by Ink Circles designs, stitched with the recommended Carries threads (with one change!) on 27 Count Linda fabric in Cherry Red. Finished on 26 February 2009.




Irish Blessing Sampler by the Sweetheart Tree. Stitched on 28ct Jobelan in Wood Violet with the recommended threads/beads



Butterfly Garden finished 10 June 2009 (since made into a table runner for my dressing table)




rifestitch wrote on Feb 26, ’09
WooHoo!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Well done!!! I love this red fabric – I think it just adds to the rug feel of the design – the perfect choice!

This has really been calling me – I am very close to finishing Foursome Reel #1 – I may jump this into the sampler spot of my rotation 🙂

rosanneduk wrote on Feb 26, ’09
Gorgeous finish. It looks spectacular on the red, very Anatolian!

clearstar wrote on Feb 26, ’09
Super finish, congrats.

threadsthroughtime wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Bery pretty Congrats on the finish

monstermom wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Very pretty! The red fabric just adds so much to it! Congrats on a great finish!!!

ajt0516 wrote on Mar 1, ’09
Beautiful finish!!!

swisswitch wrote on Mar 2, ’09
I always liked this design. Congratulations on finishing it, it looks very pretty!

jorja89 wrote on Mar 2, ’09
Looks great on the red Somaya!

bronxchick55 wrote on Mar 2, ’09
WOW! That is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations on such a great finish.

somayya1 wrote on Mar 4, ’09
Thanks everyone for such lovely comments.

mamatina wrote on Mar 4, ’09
Beautiful…can be made a prayer rug eh.

gothtigger wrote on Mar 5, ’09
Gorgeous on that fabric! Have you sent a pic to Tracy for her gallery?

ndmurdock wrote on Mar 8, ’09
Wonderful finish, I remember seeing the progress photos of this one!

landislb wrote on Mar 8, ’09
Very nice finish! Congratulations!!

mandala8 wrote on Mar 19, ’09
Hi. I put this beauty up on my main home page for Ink Circles. Good eye candy for the visitors. I can’t say enough how cool this came out.

somayya1 wrote on Apr 3, ’09
I saw – I was so surprised, thank you – what a wonderful compliment.
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

ladyhawke80 wrote on Apr 5, ’09
Its beautiful. Congrats on a wonderful finish.

squeakandme wrote on Apr 5, ’09
Very pretty, and what a special gift!

threadsthroughtime wrote on Apr 5, ’09
It’s beautiful.

ajt0516 wrote on Apr 5, ’09
What a wonderful gift – lovely stitching!

gothtigger wrote on Apr 6, ’09
Very pretty!

ndmurdock wrote on Apr 6, ’09
Lovely stitching! The Sweetheart Trees have some great detail!

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