Completed projects 2007 – Kabaa doors – copied from Multiply






desafio wrote on May 15, ’07
This is beautiful. what a challenge…

mandala8 wrote on May 15, ’07
This is so beautiful Somayya! I had no idea that you had designed it yourself as we’ve watched it unfold over the months. You did an amazing job on both the designing and the stitching! Multiply lets you see very close up if you click the picture, so I can see all the colors and individual stitches.

Islamic calligraphy is so beautiful, elegant, and (since I can’t read it) mysterious.

jstitcher wrote on May 15, ’07

natmikesell wrote on May 15, ’07
Amazing Somayya! Congrats on the beautiful design and finish 🙂

rifestitch wrote on May 15, ’07
It’s beautiful – well done! Now, how long is it going to be before you do another design with gold in it???

busyreadin wrote on May 15, ’07
What a beautiful piece!

swisswitch wrote on May 15, ’07
Amazing piece, Somayya! Hearty congrats on the finish!!

gothtigger wrote on May 15, ’07
You finished it !!! Oh well done! Well done indeed !!!!! Looks fabulous !!!!

z3mom wrote on May 15, ’07
What a HUGE effort! I am impressed!

behappy0201 wrote on May 16, ’07
I am so impressed!

somayya1 wrote on May 16, ’07
LOL – well I am currently working on Love with a Capital L in Gold and Blue for my mum and dad’s 50th anniversary!!!

And thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I am very proud of this one.

yummytimtam wrote on May 16, ’07
Wonderful project, Somayya. Great designing too

rosanneduk wrote on May 16, ’07
This is just an amazing design and finish. There aren’t the work to describe it. Awesome comes closest!

clearstar wrote on May 16, ’07
Wow, how wonderful to see the Doors finished. Can you get it framed over there or will it need a visit home??

xstitch2y wrote on May 16, ’07
Just beautiful, you should be very proud of yourself!!

fireinthelab wrote on May 16, ’07
Absolutely amazing! It is so detailed! Congrats on the awesome finish!

xstitchnmama wrote on May 17, ’07
This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so very talented!

heypaula wrote on May 21, ’07
This is stunning, Somayya! Congratulations on the finish!

landislb wrote on May 21, ’07
Wow, Somayya! It’s just wonderful. Congratulations!!

dajudges wrote on Jul 3
This is awesome not sure I would ever complete a project like this

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