Cirque de Circle progress pics – copied from Multiply

I am stitching this on black 22ct hardanger with Dragon Stitches “Wisps of Silver”

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rifestitch wrote on Aug 16, ’07
Wow, that’s really pretty!!! I have a piece of that black 22ct laying around… hmmmm, ideas, ideas, ideas 🙂

rosanneduk wrote on Aug 16, ’07
That is just gorgeous! For once, lost for words…..

toobusytostitch wrote on Aug 16, ’07
Oh that is so lovely – I have this chart waiting to be stitched.

behappy0201 wrote on Aug 16, ’07
Pictures don’t come through for me, but I’m sure it’s great

heypaula wrote on Aug 16, ’07
That’s a gorgeous combination – I can imagine it looks even better in person!

tegan2 wrote on Aug 16, ’07
Oh wow! I was thinking of doing it on light fabric with dark thread, but I think I like this too. It’s going to look stunning when it’s done.

gothtigger wrote on Aug 16, ’07
Oh that’s brilliant !!!! Just gorgeous !!!! I started this one with white thread on red fabric to attempt to get this kind of look – but compared to yours I failed miserably! Well done – can’t wait to see updates on this one!!

neeniemay wrote on Aug 17, ’07
That is just lovely. This design is just so gorgeous.

natmikesell wrote on Aug 17, ’07
That looks really incredible Somayya!

somayya1 wrote on Aug 17, ’07
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. The photos really don’t do the thread justice. I’ll have to try to get better pictures next time. It is hard work on the black fabric, but slowly, slowly …..

redkalikitkat wrote on Aug 17, ’07
Oh that is gorgeous. I love all your work very very beautiful.

xstitch2y wrote on Aug 17, ’07
Gorgeous, such a dramatic contrast!!

mandala8 wrote on Aug 18, ’07
That is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it progress. Cheers.

landislb wrote on Sep 1, ’07
WOW! It looks really great. It will be fun to watch this one!!

desafio wrote on Sep 5, ’07

clearstar wrote on Dec 2, ’07
Oh wow…simply gorgeous! Looks amazing with the white on black. It will be an utter stunner when done!

gothtigger wrote on Dec 3, ’07
That is looking sooo amazing !!!!! Well done in persevering with the black fabric !!!!

heypaula wrote on Dec 3, ’07
You’ve gotten a big chunk done – congrats!

twana wrote on Jun 19, ’08
I think I like your color choice better than mine.

gothtigger wrote on Jun 22, ’08
twana said

I think I like your color choice better than mine. 

I *know* I love Somayya’s colour choice better than mine – I also know I would lose my eyesight trying to stitch this this way. But oh my it looks fabulous !!!!

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