Emerging from the depths…

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while and things haven’t changed much.  Changed doctors (again) and am now on an increased dose of the drug for my arthritis – still to see any results, but have to give it a bit more time, I’m told.

Good news and happy dancing on the stitching front, I finally completed my son’s prayer rug and even managed to get it sewn onto the backing fabric this morning (thanks to mum for getting that ready, and for making up my daughter’s rug while they were over for a visit last month).




So what’s next?  I had been planning t0 start Cosima by Monasterium Designs, but getting the fabric ready last night I was a bit overwhelmed by the size, so I dug out this little chart to do first, just to get another finish in 😉




Or maybe I should start both and switch between them?  Here’s Cosima:





You probably noticed that all the colours are a variation of a theme, but we recently moved into our newly decorated living room and I had nothing to go on the walls (except Cirque des Triangles which is still waiting for a frame) so had to find something to fill the walls.

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Long time, no blog

Hi everyone and welcome 2013.  Again it’s been ages since I’ve blogged – just haven’t had the energy or the motivation to share much recently.

A visit to a new rheumatologist has ended up (after countless blood tests and x-rays) in a new drug regimen – Methotrexate – which is a scary development for me, but so far not too many side effects (as long as you don’t mind the wind LOL), though no benefits yet either.  I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks now, and from what I’ve read on the internet it usually takes between 6 weeks and 6 months to feel any relief from the pain, which is something to look forward to.  In the meantime, I’ve had to lower my dose of anti-inflammatory and withdraw from the tramadol I was taking, so if anything I feel worse than I did before.

On the good side, my parents are due to come for a 3 week visit in a couple of weeks and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing them.  I miss them so much and it seems ages since our summer in England.  They are, of course, bringing much needed chocolate and baked bean supplies with them 🙂

Anyway, enough of the moaning, that’s not what you came here for.  On to the stitching 🙂

I finished Cirque des Triangles finally, terrible photo I know, but WHEN I finally get DH to get frames made up for the 3 projects I still have waiting, I will post something better.  For those interested, the pattern is by Ink Circles, it was stitched on 32 count Lichfield Fabric linen in Dove Grey with Carrie’s Creation’s threads in Deep Purple (love this colour)



and a close up which might show the beautiful colour better




Since I finished that, I started working on my son’s prayer rug (after being nagged LOL) and have been making quite good progress on that – this photo was taken a while ago and I have since completed across the top and almost level with this on the other side.




DH has been redecorating our living room and I have the perfect project up next to go in there – but must finish this first.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and I will really try to do better with the updates this year.

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I’m forever stitching triangles….

Sorry it’s been a while again, but I’ve been having all sorts of problems with the internet after our wifi was hacked about a month ago.  On the positive side, there’s been plenty of stitching going on.  On the negative, I’ve had a few health problems, a death in the family, and lots of other stresses that I won’t bore you all with.

I had been about the post an update on Cirque des Triangles before losing the internet, and this is as far as I had gotten



After a few weeks off-line, I am getting really close to finishing – and as I’ve just taken it off the frame to move, I thought I’d put up the latest progress



Not bad eh 😉

I also managed to make up a little pair of mittens for my new(ish) niece who has been suffering with cold hands – haven’t knitted for years, but managed to get these made up in a day, so quite pleased with myself



Anyway, I wanted to get this up just in case the internet goes again – nothing would surprise me here in Algeria LOL.  Keep warm, dry and well everyone.

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Come to the dance

After posting my latest finish yesterday I realised that I hadn’t put up a finished picture of Cotillion by Papillon Creations!  I finished this quite a while ago while I was still in England, but am still waiting to get a frame for it.  Details of the Vicki Clayton silk threads I used are up on her website gallery – http://www.hand-dyedfibers.com/oscnuked/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&meta=lastalb&cat=0&pos=3

or on the Papillon Creations site gallery


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Happy dancing

It’s been a while, but I have been busy stitching away on my daughter’s prayer rug, and the last stitch finally went in this afternoon.




I still need to get hold of some material to back it and maybe some tassels if I can get them, but really pleased with how it turned out and my daughter couldn’t wait to use it 🙂




I think I will work on cirque des triangles for a little while as it’s only one colour and an easy stitch, though my son has already started pestering me to start on his one!!!  There is also a huge charity project that needs starting – choices, choices…..

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A quick update

I can’t believe I’ve been back in Algeria for a week already – one down how many more to go before next June???  Nothing much has changed – spent most of the first couple of days trying to find things after my husband and mother-in-law had “tidied” the cupboards, unpacking and getting used to the heat.  Haven’t actually been out of the flat since we got back so nothing changes there, but the in-laws did have a party on Friday for the 2 new babies in the family – over 150 women in a flat, not my idea of fun.

Anyway, made some more progress on my daughter’s prayer rug and am now half way down one side, it seems to be coming along nice and quickly and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like finished.  The new lamp that I bought back with me has been wonderful and meant that I can get a lot more stitching done than I used to.  I’m trying to decide whether to get a piece of fabric to sew onto the back, just to keep it a little cleaner when it’s being used, but as that will mean actually being taken out to the shops, we shall see…..

This is a close up of the side piece I just finished



And this is the whole piece so far (sorry for the lousy pictures, photography was never my strong point LOL)

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The end of summer

So, the time has finally come to pack up my bags and return to Algeria 😦  The time has passed far too quickly (as usual) and I’m dreading going back to be honest.  Specially as we have no internet over there at the moment!!!  So we go back on Saturday morning inshallah, kids are back to school on Sunday, and I’ll be on my own for the first time in 3 months.  Have to get back into all the housework and cooking that I’ve been able to share with my mum over the last 3 months.  And back to the heat – it’s still up in the 30s over there so the air con will be going full-time.  We just about managed to get all our stuff into 4 suitcases, and 3 hand luggage bags – not sure if they’ll all fit in the car at the other end though!!!

Anyway, before packing my sewing away – it’s been so strange not having anything to do the last couple of days – I did take a quick photo of my progress on my daughter’s prayer rug.  She is really pleased with it, so that’s good enough for me.  I managed to complete the main centre piece of flowers, which is what I was aiming for.


So, until I don’t know when – knowing Algerie Telecom could be weeks and weeks – keep safe and well and catch you all later.


The roses are blooming

I have really enjoyed stitching on my new project – the prayer rug for my daughter, and I think I’ve made good progress, slowed down a couple of days ago when I dropped a draw full of frozen food on my arthritic hand!!!  So here’s the progress so far (the fabric hasn’t come out very well – it’s actually a light apricot colour).  The only question now is whether to add the backstitching that is called for in the pattern.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely HATE backstitching.  So do I bother or not – all input appreciated 🙂




On the home front, I can’t believe that my summer holiday in England is nearly over. I know, I know, I’ve been here since 8 June so it should be enough, but there are less than 2 weeks to go till our return to Algeria and to be honest I am dreading it.  Having to now think about it and plan things is just making me more stressed.  When I was chatting to my mum the other day I told her it felt like I was returning to prison.  My daughter (who was eavesdropping LOL) piped up with “it’s not THAT bad mummy, it’s more like house arrest” – not sure if that makes me feel any better LOL.  So anyhowI think I have all the shopping done that I need to take back, just the wonderful job of trying to make it all fit into the suitcases to come.

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Stitching goodies and a finish

First up the finish – Little Blue by Alessandra Adelaide stitched on 18 count cream Aida with Six Strand Sweets threads in Grape Jelly and Concords.  The fabric was really stiff so I’m glad to be finished with that, but love how it has come out, though there was one skein of the grape jelly thread that was lighter than the rest and that really shows up in this picture, much more than it does in real life.  I have 2 other patterns in this series and am planning to frame them all up the same and group them together, once they are all done – may have to buy another one just to make it an even number 😉  So I’m counting this as a finish for the August “blue” theme in the Stitching Hangout Yahoo group – even though it’s in purple 🙂




Next up some goodies.  I treated myself to the new StitchSmart stand to replace my old wooden one which was getting very lose and squeeky.  Loving how it holds the work and how easily it turns over to get access to the back.  I then found what I thought was an amazing deal on the accessory pack (daylight lamp, magnifier and chart holder) but when it arrived it turned out to be another stand!  My mum decided to keep it as she hasn’t really been stitching much recently because of her fibromyalygia (sp?), and this seems to help her, but she still can’t manage too many stitches.  So she kept the second stand and ordered me the accessory pack (and paid the extra – thanks mum :))  Here’s a picture of the setup in action (minus the lamp as I have really good lighting here – it will be invaluable back in Algeria though where the room I stitch in gets dark very early and the lighting there is useless for stitching).




After seeing Denise’s prayer mat that she was stitching during Ramadhan, I hunted high and low on the internet to try to get myself a copy of the book by Susan Bates.  The only place I found was in Turkey and the postage was really high, so I decided to contact the author herself via her website – http://www.susanbates.co.uk/ .  She was so helpful and agreed to sell me one of her own copies of the book and post it to me.  It is a stunning book, with some beautiful designs, a couple of which I think are destined to be wall hangings one day.  The kids both picked out the ones they wanted and then tossed a coin to see which one I would do first – my daughter won.  So I ordered the fabric (28ct Jobelan) and threads and that will be my next project.  I need to get the sewing machine out first and hem the edges though (or get mum to do it 😉

This is the deisgn my daughter chose:




and this for my son (in Man United colours of course LOL)




and this is the book I’m talking about – shame I can’t speak Turkish LOL


Blog post – July 2012 – copied from Multiply

Blog Entry An update for July Jul 3, ’12 5:22 PM
for everyone
I have been away for a few days break with my parents and the kids, which was enjoyed by all.  Apart from that I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying being spoilt by mum and dad, not having to do much in the way of housework or cooking (at least doing it with someone makes it much easier).  On the stitching front, I’ve been working on Cotillion again and am really enjoying how it is coming along.  Had a senior moment last night when I confused >> with == and used the wrong colour thread on a whole motif, but hey ho – only God is perfect!

My daughter has also been working on a little gift for her father, as we won’t be together for Eid this year – she had a bit of frogging to do as she ran out of the first colour half-way through the second half of the design and had to use a different one – guess who had to do that LOL.
I tried to learn how to crochet last month – didn’t go well.  I can do a chain but after that just get lost.  Maybe you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  I’m still trying to figure out something for the Stitching Hangout’s pink theme for this month – probably should do something for my sister-in-law who is expecting a baby girl in September, but not sure I can tear myself away from my stitching.

dajudges wrote on Jul 3
I love both pieces , does the Islamic cross stitch group still exist ,

somayya1 wrote on Jul 3
Not as far as I know Denise, we all sort of drifted away unfortunately.

nancysxstitch wrote on Jul 7
Glad you had a nice visit with your family. It’s always nice to get away and just relax…. recharges your batteries! 😉 Cotillion is looking really beautiful Julie! The red fabric really makes your stitches pop! And your daughter’s piece is very nice… too bad about the floss running out. I just hate it when that happens. =]

fatema39 wrote on Jul 12
Cotillion looks really lovely on the red.

The Islamic calligraphy looks nice..sorry about the frogging. I know what it is not to have too much of one colour. I am also having big problems with one of my projects.

Is it Eid Mubarak?

Good luck learning to crochet.

Enjoy the stitching time.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my page.

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